19 Times Nature Proved to Be the Master of Perfection

2 years ago

If there is one thing that characterizes this era, it is speed. People get used to everything happening quickly and can become very anxious if things don’t happen this way. We want websites to load in seconds, we want text messages to be sent instantly, and we want nothing to take longer than it should. However, there are times when the universe plants itself in front of us and shows us situations that are so perfect that we can do nothing but stop for a few minutes and watch.

Bright Side took a moment to collect these photos from users who not only stopped at the perfect but also took a picture and shared it.

1. “This perfectly-sized box of golden berries”

2. “The ridges on the tomato were perfectly symmetrical, so much so that I thought it looked like children’s fake/play food.”

3. “Today I took a perfect shot.”

4. “The way the balloon meets the mountains”

“Took this photo this morning, was really trying to get the mountains on the balloon to overlap with the lower layers but this came out quite nice regardless, figured it was worth sharing. Cheers!”. © Project_Wild / Reddit

5. “Caught my first perfect rainbow”

6. “This 2-colored pumpkin leaf”

7. “A perfect reflection”

8. “Ball of salt that I took out of the dead sea.”

9. “The dew drops on the edges of this leaf are almost perfect.”

10. “I came across a large log sticking out of a lake. A small but sturdy bonsai-esque tree has grown from the exposed tip in a magical display of natural perfection.”

11. “The perfect hexagons on this old beehive”

12. “I noticed that this street lined up almost perfectly with the sunset and had to take this.”

13. “My friend’s parents have a red rose bush and on one particular branch it blooms these beauties.”

14. “She perfected this pose better than humans.”

15. “Found this growing voluntarily over my dog’s grave.”

16. “This perfectly shaped bell pepper I found at work”

17. “I found a hummingbird nest in my yard with 2 baby birbs.”

18. “Perfectly shaped mini-satsuma inside another satsuma!”

19. “My cat’s paws make a heart when put together.”

Have you ever experienced a moment of perfection in your daily life? Tell us how it was and, if you took a photo, we’d love to see it.

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I usually find a second mini orange in the oranges that I eat!


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