20 People That Have Gone Through a Huge Transformation With Age

2 years ago

Uncomfortable braces, questionable hairstyles, and pimples popping out more than popcorn. There’s no question that the teenage years were far from easy for certain people among us. But there’s nothing better than a few years passing by to finally be able to grow into your looks and to become the beautiful swan you were born to be.

Bright Side found a group of people who definitely left their awkward phase behind and are now glowing with grace.

1. “14 years old vs 36 years old. Middle school/high school was rough.”

2. “One bad haircut turned me into a young Anakin Skywalker.”

3. “Really looks like 2 different people!”

4. “Can’t believe how high my insecurities were back then.”

5. “Severely bullied in school and had no friends. No work was done to my face, only braces.”

6. “I’ll have whatever you’re having.”

7. “When puberty hits you like a freight train.”

8. “I still love pizza, but now I learned how to love myself.”

9. “Never had self-confidence as a teenager, now I’m posting a selfie on the internet!”

10. “Finally embraced and learned how to style my curly hair.”

11. “My appearance may have changed but my personality has always stayed the same.”

12. “Thank god for braces.”

13. “I still tell my mom I can’t believe she let me walk out of the house with that hair.”

14. “To be fair, I had a really bad haircut phase.”

15. “That blonde looks amazing on you!”

16. “Thank goodness for puberty.”

17. “Had a rough patch in high school, but we’re all on a journey together.”

18. “I sometimes miss the ’90s and the ugly patterns on clothing.”

19. “Dyed my hair, opened my eyes, and got eyebrows”

20. “You look like you went from 55 to 25!”

What did you like the most about your teenage years?

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