20+ People Who Bought Ordinary Items and Hit the Jackpot

3 years ago

How much time would you need to recall the moment you bought a bad product or became the victim of a shady manufacturer? Probably, no more than 10 seconds. This has happened to everyone. But sometimes the opposite is true: people get excited about the ingenuity and care that the manufacturers put into their products.

At Bright Side, we are sure that these examples demonstrate a caring attitude toward customers and prove that manufacturers love their work.

1. “’Getting a new TV?’ I was asked when my new bike arrived. Some bike brands print a TV on the box so that shippers handle them more carefully.”

2. “I bought a hat online and it came in a bag of air.”

3. “This shower handle shows the temperature of the water.”

4. “This cupboard drip dries into the sink.”

5. “My new bedsheets have pockets!”

6. “This bathroom door handle has a built-in hand sanitizer dispenser.”

My first-graders that started school in the last year of the pandemic were excited about the hand sanitizer dispenser. Those naive babies thought it was cool. Bless their hearts.


7. These gloves have a built-in goggle wipe.

8. “This box from a pet supply store has instructions printed on it for how to turn it into a castle for cats.”

9. “My medication has the days of the week nicely printed on the packaged tablets.”

10. “This product rewards you if you open the box upside down.”

11. “So mundane, and yet so helpful. These table knives have flat ends. It’s so much less frustrating to get the last bit of peanut butter or jelly out of the jar.”

12. “My freezer has a light that tells me it’s working.”

13. “The design of this teabag is brilliant.”

14. “My new toothbrush came with this refillable floss pick.”

15. “My T-shirt from a Philadelphia artist arrived looking like a hoagie.”

16. “Amazon boxes double as yoga mats.”

17. “Euro snacks tell you how much exercise you need to burn them off.”

18. “My wood glue has a built-in cap holder, so you won’t lose it.”

19. “My pizza was delivered with tamper evident stickers.”

20. “This supermarket has magnifying lenses on their carts to help people read product labels.”

21. “My toilet paper roll has a small toilet paper roll in it.”

“I’m a mom of 3, the little ones are so useful! One is always in my purse, one is in the car, etc. They are very handy!”

22. “My new shoes came with a pick keychain to get out rocks and gunk from the tread.”

23. “These cardboard things used instead of packing peanuts or plastic.”

Have you come across this kind of caring attitude from vendors or manufacturers? Tell us in the comments below.

Preview photo credit HeshamIbrahemAli / reddit


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