20+ Photos That Prove Some Things Have No Explanation

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Some people couldn’t care less about their job, and it all leads to the ultimate question of not who will let them do what they want, but rather, who will stop them. And some peculiar cases could become the subject of HR research. And even the most incredible discoveries start with the question of why.

Bright Side has found some examples of strange and senseless designs and work performed, proving our world is full of extremely “creative” minds.

1. “The worst place for an output”

2. “This handle blocks me from unlocking the door.”

3. “This light switch that’s basically in the shower of our new house”

4. “An everyday, normal door”

5. “Everything is wrong with that bike lane.”

6. “I’m not a native English speaker, but I’m quite sure it makes no sense.”

7. “The snap band skateboard at a dollar store”

8. “This is a virtual guide at a children’s museum.”

9. “I don’t know what to say about how terrible this design is.”

10. “Up, please!”

11. “Almost...”

12. “Always ’the on stand right’ when going up an escalator...”

13. “This bike lane with large planters right in the middle, leaving almost no room for cyclists.”

14. These traffic lights...

15. “This tiny toilet”

16. “This door missing a cut-out window behind the metal bars”

17. “Half and half radiator...”

18. “At least they can’t see your face.”

19. “A modern classic — thankfully the front cover wasn’t the same as this.”

20. “These bathroom mirrors turn shaving into a game of Tetris.”

21. “My glasses came with instructions.”

22. “Have you ever seen such a Pikachu?”

Have you ever encountered anything like this in your life? Have you ever wondered what was going on in people’s minds when they were doing such a “marvelous” job? Please share your thoughts in the comments below. And don’t forget to attach some photos.


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