15 People Who Accidentally Bought the Wrong Size, and Had to Laugh It Off

2 months ago

Online shopping can easily lead to a mistake if we’re not paying enough attention, like buying things in the wrong size. People end up with clothes that are too small or furniture that’s too big. Although it can be frustrating, some people manage to face the situation with plenty of humor, leading to hilarious photos on social media.

1. “What happens when you don’t notice the ’kids-size’ part of the ad when ordering furniture online.”

2. “My dad underestimated the clothing size difference between China and the US.”

3. “My absolute unit of a baby playpen. I ordered the wrong size and I didn’t know they came in WrestleMania size!”

4. “Mom messed up the size when ordering his bed. Cannot fits!”

5. “Dad made the classic mistake of buying something online without checking its size. We now have two 10 foot lamps.”

6. “Bought some toilet paper online and didn’t notice the size.”

7. “I ordered a desk lamp online. I should have read the specs more carefully.”

8. “One size does not necessarily fit all.”

9. “The new bathroom rug I ordered online vs the actual rug I received in the mail. I’d say something is wrong here!”

10. “Why you shouldn’t buy a sink online.”

11. “My friend finally got their pool delivered today!”

12. “Ok, so maybe I misjudged the size I ordered.”

13. “Bought this hat for a full size human.”

14. “Accidentally ordered the wrong size.”

15. “I unknowingly bought a 2 person child’s tent thinking it was adult sized and I still took it to the festival.”

A woman went viral after she purchased a “waterproof” jacket and still was left absolutely drenched while on a rainy trek. In a humorous clip posted on TikTok, she complained to the company and lo and behold, they replied! And in an epic fashion as well.

Preview photo credit darthvaderislukesdad / Reddit


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