A Woman Who Was Left Drenched Wearing a “Waterproof” Jacket Gets EPIC Response From the Company

5 months ago

A woman went viral after sharing her disappointing hiking adventure on TikTok. In a humorous clip, she expressed her disappointment with a waterproof rain jacket she had purchased for her 30th birthday, anticipating heavy rain during the trek. However, she was still left soaking wet and she didn’t hold back in calling out the company, who replied to her complaint in epic fashion.

“I bought this ‘rain jacket’ a couple of days ago,” Jennifer Jensen from Texas started the video, revealing she had purchased the jacket specifically for its supposed waterproof capability, “I’m 100% sure that it’s raining outside, and I’m soaking wet.”

Pausing to showcase the picturesque scenery of New Zealand, she conveyed that her intent wasn’t to seek a refund. Instead, she had a unique request for the brand, “redesign this raincoat to make it waterproof and express deliver it up to the top of Hooker Valley Lake in New Zealand where I will be waiting.”

The complaint video quickly went viral, reaching over 11.6 million views and numerous comments. The audience pointed out the conspicuous silence from the famous clothing brand. However, the brand’s silence was broken with an epic marketing video.

In response the brand shared a video on their TikTok page, revealing a staff member (skier Jossi Wells in disguise) retrieving a red jacket from a local store in New Zealand. The video then showcased the employee boarding a helicopter to meet Jensen and deliver her new jacket.

The caption read, “We were busy express delivering Jenn her jacket at the top of the mountain. Thanks for the help Jossi!” This post garnered over 4 million views and thousands of comments, including a delighted response from Jensen, “You guys came through for me. We’ll give the new jacket a shot on my next rainy day hike,” she expressed.

The heroine of our article isn’t the only one who was let down and turned to social media to vent. A woman left the hair salon with a disastrous blowout, which she shared on TikTok, but people’s response to it was even more hilarious.


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