16 Bizarre Clothing Items That Raise Too Many Questions

10 months ago

Designers are only human, and they can have a bad day or an unsuccessful experiment. Some of them are so eager to stand out of the pack that they create their "masterpieces" on purpose.

Bright Side has made a selection of the most hilarious designer failures ever. And if you read to the end of the article, you’ll find proof that this doesn’t only apply to clothing.

16. Just what was the manufacturer thinking about?

15. A careful push-up

14. Please don’t wear this shirt around your waist.

13. Not the best print for leggings...

12. Could shoes be any fishier?

11. Apparently, the designer was fascinated by rug patterns.

10. It seemed like such a cute hat at first sight.

9. You’ve got to create something new when ripped knees are out of vogue.

8. Why? How? So many questions, and no answers.

7. To make every toe feel comfy:

6. How can I unsee this?!

5. What would YOU know about cuffs?

4. Nothing special. Just a shirt with a fan.

3. The "let all the old hags envy you" gloves

2. What are you?

1. Admit it. You want one.

Bonus: Not just clothing designs can be failures.


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OMG, no - no - no!! Who the hell makes such trash - and the biggest question - who the HELL buys such trash????? .... Well, at least the bikini was kinda funny....


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