18 Talented People Who Made Us Shout, “Show This to the Whole World!”

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Everyone has a creative inventor hidden inside them, and this gift sometimes manifests itself in the most unusual ways, since these people have an endless imagination. Truly talented people can transform even the most basic objects into little creations of beauty that are completely fascinating. And the craziest ideas become reality and present some amazing results.

Bright Side believes that creativity doesn’t wait for the perfect moment to enhance our imagination, but rather, it fashions things out of an ordinary one. So here are 18 pictures to look at together with us.

1. “I made a roman bust aquarium!”

2. “I stitched my great-grandparents.”

3. “My sister researches goats, so I made her this blazer for her thesis defense.”

“It’s a free-motion machine embroidery with ribbon embroidered flowers.”

4. “My take on Homer — I never expected how many hours (and meters of thread) this would take, but the result was worth it.”

5. “I got a few requests to see it completed with books of it, so here it is!”

6. “A year or so’s worth of embroidery”

7. “One earring I made uses precious metals, resin, and glow pigment, absorbing light to emit light.”

8. “I spent way too long on this The Addams Family ‘Polly Pocket’ style playset.”

9. “Tried my hand at koi pond embroidery. I love how it turned out! It’s a gift for my sister who loves koi.”

10. “My end grain chessboard and table saw/miter saw pieces. Thanks for looking!”

11. “I use beach pebbles to portray fond memories. Here’s me with my grandad.”

12. “What a difference a few years can make. The idea in 2017 vs the established garden in 2020.”

13. “My new niece will have a bee-themed room, so I crocheted her this blanket.”

14. “My wife had a vision in our nursery, which deserves to be seen.”

15. “This tabby cat embroidery took 50+ hours and thousands of tiny stitches.”

16. “A DIY tree of a life suncatcher for a Mother’s Day gift”

17. “I am awful at keeping houseplants, so I made a wire one that I can’t kill.”

18. “Wow! Took me a minute to realize this was a cake.”

Do you enjoy making your own pieces of art? After a tough day, what’s a method you follow to de-stress?

Preview photo credit gene_yus / Reddit, Medcait / Reddit


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