15+ Pics That Will Sow Seeds of Joy in Your Soul

2 years ago

There are 6 basic things that we need to feel happy, according to psychologists. And no, it’s not $1,000000 and not even a free appointment with the dentist for a lifetime. Among the sources of happiness there are things such as mind-body connection, sense of security and safety, and having a purpose in life. Our today’s heroes have experienced happiness and joy and shared it with the whole world in the form of photos.

Here at Bright Side, we’re sure that even small things can make us all cheer up with smiles. Today, we’ve found 19 photos that will be the best proof of this theory. Let’s dive into the world of positivity together with us!

1. “So I tried a wig on my baby.”

2. “He may only have 7.5 fingers but he had 100% of my love”

3. “I was having a bad day, but came home to this face.”

4. “Had to stay late at work, came home to this.”

5. “My friend’s band posted this photo with the caption, ’If there’s no ramps at our shows it’s our job to lift.’”

6. “Our daughter is only 2 months old.”

7. “My friends in kindergarten thought I was a vampire.”

8. “Holding my son a day after birth.”

9. “I am a single father and a dirty mechanic but every weekend my girls paint my fingernails.”

10. “My boyfriend ’elbowed children out of the way’ to get this picture... and it was worth it.”

11. “Found a wolf sanctuary, and it made for a great place to go on a date with my girlfriend.”

12. “My son smelling bacon for the 1st time”

13. “As an Australian, I had never seen a squirrel. This little fella in Washington DC absolutely made my day.”

14. “My cat just made little puppy cats.”

15. “Tried a makeup app on my 7-week-old son.”

16. “My girlfriend made a sleeping bag for our 2-week-old foster kitty.”

17. “Saw it while driving home from college. Made my post-finals blues just a little better.”

18. “Not to brag but my girls made me this cute tie for Father’s Day.”

19. “The lunch my mother-in-law made for my father-in-law.”

Who is the person who makes you happy in all moments of your life? Tag them in the comments!

Preview photo credit Jargonnaut / Reddit


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