20 People Whose Creativity Caught Our Eyes

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There’s something called The IKEA effect. It describes how people tend to value an object more if they make it with their own two hands. The people below have either come up with practical solutions, made works of art, or exposed their outside-the-box ideas.

When inventive creations come into the mix, Bright Side saves the best ones and shares them with you, and we’re curious to know which one of these is your favorite.

1. “My grandpa lost part of his finger, and the hospital made a warning poster about it.”

2. “My uncle visiting from the Philippines has never seen snow. This is what happened today.”

3. “My parents made a Mona Lisa scarecrow for the local scarecrow competition.”

4. “This Xmas tree made of latex gloves in my laboratory”

5. “Grill with the pearl earring, me, acrylic, 2022”

6. “I welded this stainless steel hummingbird for my mom.”

7. “I made a T. Rex skeleton entirely out of metal.”

8. “Tried my hand at those red-dyed Rice Krispie treats for Halloween. Got the trays from the butchers, and made the labels myself.”

9. “Our little old man turned 16 today, so I made him a Driver’s License for the occasion.”

10. “Someone braided this bush to get it out the way for kids using the slide.”

11. “My dad made me a bookcase.”

12. “I made a leather baby mobile for my sister who gave birth to a little baby girl recently.”

13. “I put a log in the pond behind my house and I think it worked.”

14. “My grandma made this quilt for my son.”

15. “My sister made ugly Christmas sweater and vest cookies.”

16. “My niece wanted to be a princess so I made her a light-up LED dress.”

17. “’What do you do when I’m gone?’, my wife asked. So, I made her this.”

18. “Hey guys, check out the scarf my mom made for me! Love you, mom!”

19. “Saw this in traffic today. A crocheted tire cover. It was different, unique, and well-executed.”

20. “I made a catio for my mom’s cat.”

How do you pamper your pet, if you have one? Have you ever encountered the IKEA effect? Let us know in the comments.

Preview photo credit Joshthe1***per / Reddit


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