15 Pictures That Will Make Any Perfectionist Scream With Joy

2 years ago

Emma Watson once took a break from school because of her perfectionism. The actress said that she was beating herself up because she knew she could do better and this was causing her distress. We feel your pain Emma, it is not easy to live in this world as a perfectionist. This struggle inspired us to gather some satisfying pictures that are going to ease the mind of people that don’t tolerate anything less than perfection.

Bright Side wants to show you 15 pictures that will give you that warm soothing feeling you get when things are just right.

1. “This pan matches my sink.”

2. “This elegant Fibonacci spiral on my red cabbage”

3. “My pencil broke so weirdly that I could put it back together again.”

4. “A wonderful display of a fiber rack at an expo I went to”

5. The ultimate looking arrow

6. “My dog’s ball thrower makes perfectly round snowballs.”

7. “The jet’s path intersected the sun just right.”

8. “A perfectly peeled cup of yogurt”

9. A geometrically precise circle of rotating ice

10. “My thinking putty flattens into a perfect disc when left unattended.”

11. “Spotted in Berlin, shed a single tear I did.”

12. “The bun I got on my double cheeseburger from McDonald’s today was 10 out of 10.”

13. “A snowflake landed on my glove.”

14. “Bubbles in my egg yolk formed a paw print.”

15. “The way the snow is melting off my shed roof.”

What is the most soothing thing you recently encountered? Drop a comment about it!

Preview photo credit That_JazzyBoi / Reddit


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