14 Perky Pets That Can Make Your Heart Jump Out of Your Boots

2 years ago

Scientists found out a long time ago that looking at cute images of puppies and kittens can have powerful effects on attention and concentration. However, our charming pets can make our hearts jump out of our boots, causing more shock than any monster or alien from a horror movie could.

At Bright Side, we’re sure that all our 4-legged friends deserve to be loved, even those who can’t always be cute. In the bonus section, you’ll find out what animal’s yawn will make you want to call an exorcist.

1. “Everybody get down...he’s got a knife!”

2. Such a picture in the morning can wake you up better than coffee and an alarm clock.

3. “I took a picture of our dog, mid-yawn.”

4. If Dracula was a cat...

5. “We bought T-Rex arms for our chickens.”

6. “When Jackson’s smiling, it’s kind of terrifying.”

7. Do you see a scary face sideways?

8. “I caught a yawn.”

9. “He’s been sitting like this for 15 minutes. It’s starting to scare me.”

10. “My youngest dog likes to give me mini-heart attacks. She hides in the office and gives me the death stare. She’s super sweet but looks deadly. I love her.”

11. “I feel like I just interrupted a meeting for little demons.”

12. “This dog loves to stare into my basement office and scare me when I look up.”

13. “There are a lot of reasons why your mail carrier might not deliver your packages, and this is one of them. I can handle a dog, but not a dog with an axe.”

14. “He went to yawn and accidentally summoned Venom.”


Did your pets ever have you spooked? Tell us in the comments below.

Preview photo credit kingofjesmond / Reddit


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