20 Situations That Prove Kids Have the Purest Hearts in the World

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3 years ago

When you become a parent, you get to watch your kid’s naivety in a front-row seat. You get to see them choose the most obvious hiding spot during games of hide and seek, and how joyful their day can become just by wearing their favorite costume. You even get to witness how their imagination works to transform regular furniture into a playground.

Bright Side wants to show you what an innocent childhood really looks like. Maybe these pics can also inspire the grown-ups to see the world with purer eyes.

1. “We played hide and seek. This was her hiding place the first, second, and third time she got to hide.”

2. “My niece said I was going bald, so unprompted, she cut off a lock of her hair for me. I hope the scotch tape holds.”


4. “We took him to the mall to play in the gaming zone and all he did was stare at the washing machines at the electronics store.”


6. “My daughter was upset that after 2 years, her favorite shirt was starting to feel too small.”


8. “First time seeing herself as a narwhal, one of her favorite animals!”





13. “My brother and I used to call this “Splash Mountain.’”

14. “My brother and I met our favorite superhero (The Hulk) when we were 4. We were upset because Lou Ferrigno wasn’t green.”


16. “My girlfriend’s nephew saw this old camper in a parking lot and said, ’Wow, those are beautiful stairs,’ and asked me to get a picture of him showing them off.”




20. “When I turned 4, my mom gave me the decision to either go to the zoo for my birthday or to a fan store. Guess what I wanted?”

How many kids do you have? What was the most innocently funny thing they ever did?

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If I got such an amazing dinosaur costume I would also look at myself like this awwww


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