15 Pics Showing That the Universe Also Has a Sense of Humor

2 years ago

Coincidences occur pretty often in our lives, proving that we do indeed live in a pretty small world. Actually, Cambridge University has a whole collection of them, which can make you wonder, “What were the chances?” For example, one family from Florida ran into their nextdoor neighbor when they were on a train station in Zurich, Switzerland, basically across the world.

We at Bright Side found some examples of silly coincidences that prove the universe has a great sense of humor.

1. “Somehow ended up behind these 2 cars at the same location a couple of days apart.”

2. “This double rainbow by a Rainbow store”

3. “The reflection in the mirror on this hotel check-in desk.”

4. “The cream in my double-flavor chocolate paste looks like some kind of smiling cartoon ghost.”

5. “The way these bushes line up with the wheels of this SUV.”

6. “My sock matched this wall in a dressing room.”

7. “This carrot I got at Tesco looks like a sassy pair of legs.”

8. “Pretty pants”

9. “I got a mosquito bite next to a tattoo and it made the letters swell up into 3D.”

10. “A cat inside the office acting like a surveillance cat.”

11. “A magpie moth blending in with the urban environment.”

12. “This roof in Romania looks like Jabba the Hutt.”

13. “This deer responsibly crossing the street at its sign.”

14. “The spilled yoke from my fried egg looks like a chick.”

15. “Smiling orchids”

What funny coincidences have you witnessed recently?

Preview photo credit duckduckbananas / Reddit


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