20+ Photos That Show What Real Life in Canada Is All About

2 years ago

Perhaps you are aware of the friendliness and unlimited politeness of the Canadian people. Those who come from other countries are surprised to hear that the word “sorry” is among the most commonly used words in everyday conversations here. And, of course, we’ve all heard about the famous maple syrup, but what about maple chips, maple bacon, and maple bread?

We at Bright Side collected photographic proof that Canada can bravely claim to be the coziest and most hospitable country.

1. “I left coffee in my car last night. Still want to come to Canada?”



4. “Some of the most beautiful colors I’ve ever seen!”

5. “I ordered a TV and left for the Christmas holiday. When I returned home today, I saw it standing alone at the front door.”

“Checked the tracking history — it was in everyone’s sight for 2 days.”

6. A very informative warning

7. A perfect circle formed on Moisie River

  • Circular currents are common in rivers. When the ice sheet forms in this kind of area, it rotates with this current, leaving a nearly perfect circle. © deaths_boo / Reddit

8. “If you landed in Canada and realized you forgot your Canadian disguise, our airport ladies’ bathroom has got you covered.”

“Canadian tattoos”

9. Christmas bus

10. “Saw this in the backyard today. I live in Coquitlam, by the way.”


12. “It took him literally 25 minutes to go up the street.”

13. “Some person went through my car last night because I accidentally left my doors unlocked.”

“I hope you enjoy the $5 in change you took because I’ll definitely be enjoying the AirPods you left.”

14. One of the pupils lost their fallen-out tooth at school and the head teacher deputy wrote an official letter to the Tooth Fairy:

15. Yes, that’s a cougar lying on a car’s roof.

  • Imagine calling your boss, telling them you can’t come to work because a cougar is on your car. Then when they say you are lying, you send them this pic. Checkmate! © TheMrSharpie / Twitter

16. This doughnut with maple bacon in the shape of a maple leaf

17. “Had a super Canadian moment yesterday. Canada geese using the crosswalk. We all stopped to let them cross.”

18. “Spent the day exploring the park, where a Vancouver artist spent most of 2020 quietly installing natural sculptures in the woods.”

“The sculptures are all made of twig and twine. They’re mostly tucked away off the main paths, hidden along smaller trails. This is Lilith, the Sleeping Fairy, in the second photo.”

19. “Had a visitor this morning.”

20. “I went to a wax museum in Canada and they thought this was Beyoncé. I’m hurt.”

21. Not only can it be too cold, but it can get too hot in Canada.

What is something you like in Canada the most?

Preview photo credit ugleeoak / Twitter


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l would Love to have a cabin in the woods near a lake in winter.
l would like a mobility scooter instead of a car but the cabin would ideally have solar panels on the roof & be sturdy.
close enough to a town but not sure not suburban but not a million miles away either. l Love natural.


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