15 People Who Forgot Their Daily Dose of Luck at Home

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Are you going through an unlucky streak in life? While tragic events can occur from time to time, some people may feel like they are particularly unlucky. It’s easy to wonder what they did to deserve such bad luck. But, it’s also important to remember that tomorrow is another day, and things can always get better.

1. “Spray tan tears won’t go away.”

2. “Birds determined my car was the lucky one.”

3. “Fell asleep with my glasses on the bed last night. Then rolled over them in my sleep.”

“They’re my only pair and I currently have no vision Insurance.”

4. “Bought this days ago for my son’s Easter basket 😐”

5. “Friend of mine walked around campus all day like this.”

6. “Took a bite before I saw this...”

7. “Fiancée accidentally turned on the wrong burner while her 1-week-old phone was on the stove, then walked away for a few minutes.”

8. “Accidentally got acetone on my daughter’s favorite doll and made her cry when her entire face wiped off.”

“Saw a YouTube video about redoing Barbie faces. Thought I could do it. I can’t. Now it’s a thing of nightmares, and I feel even worse.”

9. “Well, this sucks.”

10. “Blender blade was not clicked in place, when I tried to pour my smoothie this happened...”

11. “This is the first time I’ve ever used one of these.”

12. “Just bought a screen protector for my phone and when I opened it this was inside.”

13. “Guess which one I accidentally put on my yogurt this morning”

14. “My gf was making bracelets for an upcoming concert, and the cat knocked all the rubber bands off the table.”

15. “Broke my last pair of glasses by sitting on them. 3 days after getting my new pair, I did it again.”

The best way to go in life is to look at things in an upbeat and positive way, exactly like the folks in our article did. Check these out if you enjoyed the list above:

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