10+ People Who’d Really Like to Restart Their Unfortunate Day

year ago

Statistics show that people who believe in bad luck will have more accidents on Friday the 13th. Our brains also seem to only hold onto the ill-fated times — like when we drop an egg on the floor, that memory will stay with us for quite some time, even if we successfully didn’t drop it hundreds of times.

Shared sorrow is half a sorrow, and on this note, Bright Side found 17 people who would like to push the “undo” button on their terrible day.

1. “This tree fell and pulled the whole lawn up with it.”

2. “My friend’s car was squished by a tree earlier today after some high winds.”

3. “Started a new job and was told they recycle their earplugs at the end of every shift. I think I’ll just go buy my own.”

4. “I dropped my deep fat fryer on my wooden floor.”

5. “We had a huge storm the other day, and this happened to my friend.”

6. “The watermelon I grew”

7. “That’s my luggage, and it’s not on the plane.”

8. “I have a shy bladder and walked into my worst nightmare.”

9. “The one time I decided to drive instead of ride my bike, this happened halfway to work.”

10. “All I wanted was to make myself some orange juice.”

11. “How my friend’s Friday the 13th started out”

12. “I’ve seen it happen in movies but never dreamed I would see it in real life.”

13. “Just so you know, a 10-foot pipe does not fit in a Toyota RAV4.”

14. “Ate a huge bag of trail mix for about 1 month. Got to the bottom and found 3 rusty screws.”

15. “If you were a cat, there’s a 9/10 chance you’d be named ’Socks.’”

16. “My bedroom ceiling collapsed.”

17. “Tenants called today to tell me the toilet wouldn’t flush, the plumber turned up to this.”

What’s worse — a sock sliding down inside one of your shoes or wearing wet socks? How do you spoil yourself on those days when nothing seems to go right?


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