16 Stories About Parents Who Know How to Drive Their Kids Crazy

4 years ago

We all know that there is nobody more precious in the whole world than our moms and dads. But this doesn’t change the fact that sometimes, they can affect us like kryptonite affects Superman. And even those who do the utmost believe that their parents are perfect have to face a reality where their parents are ordinary people with their own vices and weaknesses.

Bright Side came across 16 people online whose stories prove that not only do parents get to complain about their kids from time to time, but it also happens the other way around.

  • I love my parents but... It’s driving me crazy that they want to make all the important decisions in my life. I’m finishing my studies to get my bachelor’s degree, but my mom has already decided that I’ll continue my education to get my master’s degree. Right away. All my attempts to rebel against this decision are getting stopped with the sarcastic remark, “You’ve already decided everything yourself once.” She means that I have a daughter and that I left my husband. So what, I can’t make mistakes? And I can’t make my own decisions? I’m fed up with that, honestly. © “Overheard” / Vk
  • A teenager wrote to me. He asked if he could schedule a consultation for his mom. I asked him whether his mom even knew that he was doing this. He replied, “No, she scheduled my appointment with the dentist without asking me first, so I decided to schedule her consultation with a psychologist. I’ve always dreamed of doing that.” © Verderz / Pikabu
  • I was staying with my elderly mother. We got into a huge fight, and I burst out with words, saying everything I thought about my upbringing and her attitude toward me when I was a kid. And she said, “Why are you making me responsible for this? Anna raised you since you were born! She’s the person to blame for everything.” Yep. My sister who is 3.5 years older than me. Who hated me with all her heart for this reason. I asked my mom, “Do you understand what you’re saying? Why was a 5-year-old child raising me?!” She kept silent. And we got into this fight in the first place because my mom decided that it was time to take control and educate me. Now that I’m 35 years old." © Glangy / Pikabu
  • A girl accidentally tore a bag with groceries in it and her parents just laughed and started jokingly picking up their groceries. I remembered my family — once, they yelled at me for falling down the stairs. © st_grotesque / Twitter
  • What about this stupid tradition that my parents have where they show the guests all the rooms with the excuse, “Let me show you our house...”?! Why would anyone want to show strangers their home, saying, “I’m sorry, it’s such a mess” or “We haven’t finished the renovations”? What “mess” are you talking about if I’ve spent a week cleaning it?! But my favorite part is, “This is our daughter’s room.” The door gets opened, and everyone sees me lying on the sofa in a weird position, eating candies, while watching a TV series on my laptop. © “Overheard” / Vk
  • My dad has been calling me Kiddo since I was a child. And since I turned 20, this habit started to make me feel weird because Kiddo has grown up. My parents live in a house, and I don’t come to visit them very often. But once, when I was sitting on my parents’ veranda, I heard how my dad came back from work and started jokingly talking to our dog, “Hi Kiddo, you’re probably hungry?” And then he heard me, loudly saying from the veranda, “What Kiddo?! I’m Kiddo!” Now, I don’t rebel against this nickname, and I just started to call my dad "Big Guy.“© “Overheard” / Vk
  • I teach my kids the importance of apologizing. I feel like growing up, my parents didn’t apologize to me enough. They just started being nice to me out of the blue and that’s it. © sweetgallex / Twitter
  • There are 2 sons in my family, and I’m the oldest one. For some reason, my dad calls me a “first draft.” Is this normal? © punk108 / Pikabu
  • My parents live in a village. Today, my dad came to visit me in the city where I’m studying. I went shopping and ran some errands, while my dad was at my place. I came back, and my dad said, “I fixed your computer.” I replied, “What do you mean? Everything was fine with it.” And he said, “Do you call that fine? All the letters on it were randomly placed!” It turned out that he had arranged all the letters on my laptop in alphabetical order... Thank you, dad! You’ve helped me so much! © “Palata № 6” / Vk
  • I remembered a story from my childhood when my parents, my second cousin, who was the same age as me, and I went to the forest to pick strawberries. I was about 5 years old back then. My cousin was eating everything he picked up right away, and I was patiently storing my berries in a bucket, trying to stop him from stealing any berries from me. I was looking forward to eating a lot at home later. So when we got back into the car to drive home, he made a successful attempt to steal a part of my berries from me. I couldn’t stand it and slapped him upside the head. After that, my dad took away my bucket and said that I wouldn’t get anything at all. I don’t know what happened with the berries. 20 years have passed, but I still remember this situation like it happened yesterday, and the bitter feeling of injustice. © Korellian / Pikabu
  • I told my parents that I had a really horrible year, and they looked at each other and started laughing as if what I said was incorrect or a joke. Stop belittling your children’s feelings because you feel like their problems aren’t as big as yours. © paytonmmusic / Twitter

  • I decided to help my parents financially because they try to save money on everything. I gave my mom a part of my salary, but she didn’t want to take it. I put the money in a jewelry box and said that this was her money. Once, my mom overheard me saying that I didn’t have enough money to go on a trip and told me to take the money from the box. I took it. Now, I’m the worst enemy of my sister because my mom told her that this was her money. She lives with our parents, they fully financially support her, and she was allowed to spend this money from the jewelry box at night clubs. Yeah, I helped... © “Overheard” / Vk
  • We went to see my husband’s parents on vacation. We spent a lot of money on presents, household appliances, and groceries for the whole family. The money we had left was for
    our return tickets. Before we left, my mother-in-law demanded we give her money to pay the electricity and water bills, because we lived there for 2 weeks. We should’ve gone on a beach vacation — it would have been cheaper. © Vyspopov / Pikabu
  • My parents offered to help me purchase my own apartment. They suggested that they’d lend me half of the necessary amount, so I’d owe nothing to the bank. So, I bought an apartment and just had to move in the furniture, and my parents... They changed their mind. Because my 18-year-old sister got pregnant, and now, I, as her older brother, was supposed to give her a present — my own apartment in which I had invested several thousands of dollars. When both my grandmothers found out about this, they signed their apartments over to my sister, and my parents did the same thing. Now, I have one apartment, and my sister has 3, but I’m still the villain in this situation. © Vipman84 / Pikabu

Do you have any stories of when the behavior of your mothers and fathers raised some questions?

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I know how it feels to explain someone how to use mails... I study IT and everyone in my family needs my help to use email... it's crazy


Oh man, you don't even know... also I have to magically fix all their computer problems

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Since today's my birthday, let me tell you about my story
I have a little brother. On his birthday, we have a fancy or big party for him. But on mine, the day is treated normally, I get a tiny cake a cheap present and the end. I'm still mad


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