20 Times the Universe Sent Help to Those in Need

3 years ago

Mother nature is wise, but we still have some humans and animals that can be pretty vulnerable. Injured stray cats, homeless people, or lost baby birds often need help from others. Luckily for them, there’re several human beings with golden souls that were in the right place and the right time to assist them before something bad happened.

Bright Side found some of those heroes. We bet that the planet is grateful for their support because we sure are.

1. “My friend yelled, ’It’s gonna fall!’ I just looked and caught this lil’ guy.”

2. “This angel came to me and said ’You look like you need a break’ and held my son for the rest of the flight.”

3. “My great-grandfather with rescued baby owls on his farm.”

4. “My son who is missing a leg found someone who wanted to help him walk.”

5. “My coworker saved a lizard today and her lil’ head pets were making this guy so happy!”

6. “Saved a cat on the freeway today. No hesitation! Pulled over immediately and grabbed them from traffic.”

7. “A total stranger came and braided my hair while I was in the hospital after I asked for help in a beauty Facebook group.”

8. “We saved this little guy from a concrete sewer outlet.”

9. “My buddy rescued a chipmunk at work today, going to a wildlife rehab tomorrow. Say hi to Chester, everybody!”

10. “Newly hatched diamondback terrapin I saved from a seagull last summer.”

11. “Group of neighborhood kids that helped move my 82-year-old dad’s books out of a room that was flooding.”

12. “Saved a baby bunny from a pool today. I let it get warm and dry and then let it go. It was so so sweet.”

13. “Driving across the country when my tire popped. This guy pulled over within 30 seconds and helped me.”

14. “This rescued meerkat is now happier than ever in our wildlife reserve, and always comes back for some cuddles!”

15. “My grandpa rescued a baby deer. This lil’ guy needed some help, and my grandpa plans on turning him over to a rehabilitation center.”

16. “Baby Florida blue-tailed skink that I saved from my dogs.”

17. “Saved a baby squirrel but maybe it saved me...?”

18. “We have a few cats running around. This hummingbird was lying on the deck so I picked him up.”

19. “Rescued a dog while skiing today on top of a mountain. He was lost over 18 miles away a week ago.”

20. “Saved this guy yesterday. We were both a bit scared.”

Have you ever saved an animal in need?

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wow, how did you even manage to find this little lizard at number 5... I would never even see this


Reminds me of the time I went walking with my girlfriend and I heard 6 little ducklings quacking away... their mom was looking for them in a field while they were stuck in a little canal next to the road. I didn't think twice and just jumped in there (it was raining and very muddy). Had to throw away my shoes after but it was worth it!


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