20+ People That Proved You Can Collect Anything as Long as It Makes You Happy

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Collecting items is a very common practice for those who are fascinated by some object or subject, or who, for some reason, are emotionally connected to things that make them happy. And when we say things, we mean any of them, because some internet users have proven that you can literally collect even the unthinkable.

At Bright Side, we like to know about the little things that make people happy and fill their souls. That’s why we decided to show those collections that users from Reddit proudly shared as victory trophies.

1. “I have been keeping a collection of the tiny balls in pen ink cartridges since middle school.”

2. “3 years’ worth of shark teeth found along the Florida coastline”

3. “I’ve been collecting swung glass vases for years, and I finally got a light strip for my collection.”

4. “My daughter’s collection of Harry Potter books”

5. “I collect different bird species’ eggshells. Need to collect enough to fill the display!”

“Built the shelf by hand and 3D printed the stands and painted myself!”

6. “My 10-year-old son just upped my rock collection by 90% and got me a nice lens and a book!”

“How he did this without me knowing, I will never understand!”

7. “I collect white & blue crockery. Paid €7.50 ($8.25) for this haul. And the saucers belong to a set I thrifted earlier!”

8. “I collect the nubs that are the needle protection. I just finished filling my little jar. Onto the next one. I’m a diabetic, btw.”

9. “Any other grown adult collect Mini Brands?”

10. “I’ve been collecting the whiskers my cat drops in this little tube for good luck. I almost have enough to make a new cat!”

11. “All these salt and pepper shakers that were left behind from their previous owners”

12. “My grandpa kept each Joker from every pack of cards he ever opened.”

13. “My entire trumpet collection. Most of the trumpets/cornets pictured are at least 100 years old.”

14. “My collection so far! Some lovely Redditors have sent me new clips, and my first board is full!”

15. “I collect novelty rubber ducks and I have so far collected 58 giant ones and 3 small baby ones”

16. “My vintage deer collection!”

17. “I collect stuffed animals, mostly Build-A-Bear, Squishmallows, and Beanie Babies.”

18. “Work friend’s parents asked if I wanted these boxes because they know I collect ’old game stuff’!”

“Been sorting through it for 2 days!”

19. “I’ve been thrifting vintage Pyrex for the last 10 years, 95% of my collection was $10 and under”

20. “My twin sister and I love to collect Swedish Dala horses when thrifting. They don’t show up often, so it’s always a thrill to find one.”

“She currently has more than me, but every time I walk into a thrift shop, I have a twinge of hope that I might find more.”

21. “This dude on the construction team I work with collects zipper pulls he finds on the ground. There are 4 more of these cables full.”

What is the strangest collection you have or have seen?

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