14 Photos That Prove a Hairstyle Can Transform Us Into a Whole New Person

2 years ago

When we get a little tired of our look and want something new, changing something about our hair can sound very tempting. Different cuts, different colors, bangs — the heroes of our article tried it all, and some of them were brave enough to make these changes happen all by themselves.

We at Bright Side got truly amazed at how the look of these 14 Reddit users changed after they took the plunge and fixed their hairstyles. We are glad that these gorgeous brave people took before and after photos of themselves, and shared their stunning transformations with the world.

1. “After a nice haircut and losing a few pounds.”

2. “A hair growth progress!”

3. I thought ’’why not?’’

4. “I tried to embrace my gray in my 30s... Caved after 7 weeks.”

5. “I keep coming back to the shag.”

6. “Fresh cut, what y’all think?”

7. “I cut my own bangs! Better than I expected, but still have a lot to learn.”

8. “My hair is finally back where it should be.”

9. “I cut bangs myself. Better?”

10. “Well, I did it!”

11. “I was scared, but I did the big chop and I actually love it.”

12. “I went darkish for the first time in years!”

13. “A little update to my locks.”

14. “I went for dark brown and I’m in love!”

What is the boldest hair experiment you’ve ever tried? Do you have a photo of that transformation you can share with us in the comments?

Please note: This article was updated in March 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


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hope one day I will dare to do something with my hair too!


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