19 People Who Give “Masterpiece” a Whole New Meaning

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Creating something with your hands is an interesting but complicated process. Without the experience and the skills, it’s hard to make something good on the first attempt. This is what the people from our article are dealing with. But instead of getting upset, they’re laughing at it.

“My aunt tried to make a Dolly Parton cake for a friend.”

“My son turned 1 yesterday. The one on the right is the topper to his space themed cake.”

“A beanie I was making, apparently for a cone head. I needed to count my stitches more carefully.”

“My husband had a good laugh at my failure.”

“My second attempt at a dress, second fail!”

“This is the first thing I’ve ever made with this clay. I hate my paint job and will be redoing it. New paint and not used to it yet.”

“Second attempt at clay, not baked, but I tried.”

“Tried to patch up a hole in my corduroy pants with a bit of leather and some thick string. Total fail!”

“I tried making a realistic corgi, but I failed.”

“Crochet fail. I tried to salvage him and my dragon took the form of a terrifying mermaid hybrid!”

“My second-ever attempt at sewing — going to try some easier things next.”

“I tried to paint my girlfriend.”

“I thought my failed attempt at Baby Yoda was lowkey cute. I’ll try again.”

“Hand paint fail — tried to see if a cool drip effect would look good. Well, it doesn’t. You live you learn, right?”

Failed beanie attempt

“After numerous failed projects, I finally had success: a slipper that would fit an elephant. Now I just have to acquire an elephant.”

“Expectations vs reality — I don’t know why it doesn’t look like the picture...”

“I tried to make it realistic but failed.”

“This was my very first crochet project. It was supposed to be an owl. It’s so bad.”

“I hung it on my wall, so now when I finish a project, I look at that nightmare and smile at how much better I got.”

“I tried making my first pair of pants today. I goofed, but the result was hilarious!”

How do you feel when you fail at creating something with your own hands? Do you get upset or do you laugh at your failure?

Please note: This article was updated in January 2023 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit Unknown User / Reddit


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