17 Things That Were Made for Everyone to Like Them

2 years ago

Everything around us is changing so fast that it’s hard to amaze us with anything anymore. But it’s still possible. Sometimes you just want something, like a kit for a lazy gardener or a cloud that predicts the weather.

We at Bright Side know that the imaginations of the people that produce different things are unlimited, and they generate a lot of wonderful ideas.

“My mom knows I can’t take care of plants, so she gave me this hydroponic garden. It’s amazing if you are bad at plants. It asks very little of me.”

“The right picture is what it looked like 3 weeks ago.”

This little inlaid table is also a music box.

A kitchen sink accessory to easily wash bottles and glasses

“I was gifted a storm cloud that changes with the weather, and I do believe this means snow (shock).”

“My first self-made bookshelf insert — it’s not perfect, but I love looking at it.”

An Itsukushima Shinto shrine appears on the dish when sauce is poured on it.

“Allow me to introduce y’all to the MAIN EVENT. My new puppy socks!”

“I made a vacuum fluorescent display clock from scratch.”

These are the displays that appeared at the end of the ’50s.

This sponge holder

“A little project I did this weekend: it’s a ramp for my buddy’s dog.”

“Found this finger hook at a bookstore.”

“I made a thing for my entryway with a magic mirror, wireless charger, mail sorter, key holder, and 200-year-old reclaimed wood.”

“A friend got some new glasses...with heels.”

“The gates will be up for a couple of years, so I wanted them to look nicer than the standard plastic ones.”

“I like the look of geometric wall art, so this was my attempt to combine them. When we no longer need the gates, we can hang them on the wall.”

“Floating death star Bluetooth speaker”

“Found this wax warmer for $4 at a local charity shop. I didn’t realize how cool it was till I turned it on!”

“Saw this lamp online somewhere and wanted to make it myself as a present.”

Which of these things did you like the most? Maybe there’s something you’ve just found out about and now you really want it.

Preview photo credit saitowel / Twitter


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I used to work for a huge coffee company and those sink things to spray wash "bottles and glasses" were the BEST for cleaning blenders and tea shakers! We had one for awhile at their competitors', with whom I am currently employed. And then they took it away and everyone was sad :(


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