15 People Proved That Every Problem Has a Lot of Solutions

2 years ago

Having a creative mind doesn’t just apply to artists and visionaries. All of us are capable of being creative, especially when it comes to solving problems. But, admittedly, some people are just more gifted with wilder imaginations than others.

Let Bright Side introduce you to these clever individuals who see the world just a little bit differently and have come up with out-of-the-box solutions to normal, everyday struggles.

1. “This guy makes pizza using volcanic vents.”

2. “Found in a charity shop, ended up paying $30. Sanded, painted, and placed on new handles to put in our kitchen.”

3. This dad sure lived up to his mug’s motto.

4. “Seems those old couch springs make for pretty good plant climbers.”

5. “If you need to drink coasters, go to your local big-box hardware store and grab some flooring samples.”

6. “The loop on your rucksack makes a handy coffee cup holder.”

7. “I was looking online for a product that would safely hold my house key while jogging. Then I remembered I had such a product already.”

8. “I make planters out of old license plates.”

9. “Lost the cap to your lip/eye liner? Try a pen cap instead!”

10. “These shoes used to have velcro straps that I hated. I took some materials from my old broken shoes and put laces on them!”

11. “When your vacation rental is missing its bathtub drain plug — 100% leak-free!”

12. “Toothbrushes with suction pads are superb for changing recessed light bulbs.”

13. “I couldn’t find a tablet stand so I improvised with a muffin tray.”

14. “A cold, wet towel plus a bandana equals a cool headache soother.”

15. “Before and after refreshing my worn-out office chair using old clothes/textiles that were destined for donation.”

What was the most useful life hack you picked up today? And perhaps you have your own clever tips to share. Sound off your thoughts in the comments!

Preview photo credit Antique_Grapefruit_5 / Reddit


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