People Share 18 Life Hacks That Are So Simple You’ll Wish You Had Come Up With Them Earlier

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2 years ago

Sometimes we might wish there was a pill that could automatically solve all our problems. Although it hasn’t been invented yet, we can do just fine with ingenious tips people somehow manage to come up with. Legend has it, it’s either because of a necessity or outright laziness. In any case, it wholly depends on how you look at it, and we don’t mind the benefits the life hacks bring us.

Bright Side found some tricks that are just as genius as the people who invented them.


Cramped your foot? Grab your big toe, pull it forward, and wiggle it about as fast as possible, the cramp goes away.
poopellar / Reddit


Squeeze the midpoint between your index finger and thumb. I don’t know why it works but it helps with migraines.
MoroseMondays / Reddit


If you are overheating or feel really warm ( from a workout, or if it’s really hot outside), put cold water on your wrist or neck to cool down faster.
reg3nade / Reddit



I wore a blouse the other day that was a little too low-cut for me to feel comfy at work. I took a Kleenex, folded it in half, and laid it across my chest to create the illusion of a cami under my shirt. It looked exactly like cloth, and nobody was the wiser! Bonus: when I got home, my boyfriend sneezed, and I dramatically handed him the tissue.
deckpumps_n_d*dos / Reddit


Letting a drop of superglue dry on the top of my USB phone charger handle. The superglue solidifies and becomes hard, which means you know which side is up just by rubbing your finger over the handle, so you always plug it into your device the right way the first time, every time.
Exosere / Reddit


When my 2-year-old stepson is having a tantrum or is just getting really loud or wound up, I whisper to him whatever I need to say and every time he quiets down, so he can hear what I’m saying. He usually starts whispering too. The situation is almost always de-escalated. And the opposite — trying to yell over him — only makes him get louder.
kittenpops / Reddit


Never leave a room empty-handed. Whenever I get up from the sofa, I scan for mugs, cups, glasses, clothes — anything that shouldn’t be there and is on my route to where I’m going next (Heading to kitchen? Take the glasses, etc.). It’s especially helpful in staying on top of chaos and losing stuff.
Ukleon / Reddit



I flip my pill bottles after taking them, so I remember if I took them or not. Really helps if you take the same pill in the morning and at night.
rachwiddabangs / Reddit



Two ways I’ve learned how to stop hiccups: To stop someone from hiccuping, bet that you will give them $50 if they hiccup 2 more times. Tell them to prove it. 9/10 times, their hiccups will disappear. If you realize you have hiccups, then try to hiccup. Actively try to make yourself do another one. For some reason, it’ll stop.
limefrfr / Reddit



Whenever I’m late for work, I ring one of my contractors or tradies just as I’m getting out of the lift so that by the time I walk through the office doors, I’m deep into an important work conversation. People constantly go on about how busy I am and never about my lateness. I’ve never ever been pulled up on being constantly late.
Girlbrush-Threepwood / Reddit


16. Use heavy duty paper clips to organize your freezer and stop the frozen peas avalanche.

17. Put your legs on your kid’s arms so they don’t grab their poop while changing a diaper.

18. Creative and efficient way to reduce water waste.

What do you do to simplify your life? Which life hacks would you like to try?

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