15 Times “Best Moment” Photos Filled People’s Day With Laughter

2 years ago

A dancing Komodo dragon or a ridiculous personalized tire cover can be enough to make us bend over with laughter. We can’t help but laugh when our kids or pets pull a perfectly-timed derpy face or our delivery man leaves the most perfect review. Some people have caught truly one-of-a-kind moments in a photo that the rest of the world deserves to see to brighten up their day.

To help you get through your day, Bright Side has made a compilation of lighthearted and humorous photos to bring a smile to your face.

1. “A lizard laying against viewing glass”

2. “This tire cover I spotted earlier today...”

3. “My friend’s nephew today”

4. “When your mind is somewhere else...”

5. “I caught the moment my husky realized that we had driven up to the snow line on the mountain.”

6. “This is me, age 4 (1989), so stoked for a Ghostbusters toy from my mom that I went full derp.”

7. “How was your delivery? It was AARGHYGAHGAHAHAHA!”

8. “This baby with a cocked eyebrow”

9. “My cat doesn’t like it when we clean up her face.”

10. “Just checked into my motel room and there’s a green tree frog guarding the flush.”

11. We don’t think that’s how it works.

12. “My western, summer vacation masterpiece”

13. “This is EmmyLou. She’s rare because she’s half upper, half gator 🐊. She always swims with her mouth wide open.”

14. “My jam was so happy to be finally out of the cupboard.”

15. “This license plate cracked me up the other day.”

Who in your family is known as the silly one? Do you have any laugh-out-loud moments that were caught on camera?

Preview photo credit MeYouAndLondonToo / Reddit


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