8 Luxury Things People Really Wanted That Are Not Special Any More

3 years ago

During any time period, there have always been clothes, things, and opportunities that were considered a luxury. For some people, it’s a fur coat, for others — their own apartment, and someone else might want to have an expensive car. But times change and so does the definition of luxury. Before, for many people, it was important to have a house and now many have decided to not have a home at all and to not be tied to one place.

We at Bright Side decided to remember which things used to be coveted that are now out of fashion completely. And at the end of the article, there is a bonus with a story of how you can find yourself in an awkward situation while trying to follow the trends.

Interior design

An apartment with a great interior design — is there anything better than that? Maybe not, but today, the designs are more unique and are not standardized. The interior design has to reflect the temper and the lifestyle of the owner. The modern tendency is minimalism — less is more.


In the past, it was difficult and expensive to travel far from your own country. But every year, the world is becoming more and more open and accessible and people are getting tired of lying on beaches. This is why more non-trivial kinds of traveling are becoming popular: it is much more interesting to go to Peru or go travel on a boat on the Mediterranean.

Designer clothes

At the end of the 1990s and the beginning of the 2000s people were earning a lot of money in their successful startups. This created a new generation of billionaires that didn’t care about brand-name clothing: they are okay with wearing clothes from H&M and Zara. Their time is so valuable that wasting it on choosing clothes is insane.

This is why the line between luxury clothes and the mass market is becoming blurry. Luxury brands are realizing that it’s time to change and they have started to become more simple because every year, the desire to have exclusive clothing is decreasing.

Gold jewelry as an investment

In the past, gold was a symbol of wealth and well-being. It was some sort of timeless currency — people believed that this precious metal could be sold at a good price at any time. But for modern people, investing in metals is a thing of the past. Of course, celebrities still wear expensive jewelry with gemstones that cost a lot. But for regular people, jewelry is just an accessory. All reasonable people understand that money has to be in circulation making more money.

Phones decorated with gemstones

Just 20 years ago, someone who owned a mobile phone was a wealthy person. But gradually, more and more people started to get them. And then, premium phones like Vertu were made. Only a few people could afford them. But then, these phones got outdated and were sold — so these expensive phones appeared in the hands of not very rich people.

However, priorities have changed since then. Today, a phone is nothing more than a communication device. It’s nice to have a new and expensive model, but nobody draws any conclusions about people based on what phone they have.

Purebred animals

For decades, people have had purebred animals. For example, in the 1990s and the 2000s, it was trendy to have dogs like Rottweilers and Bull Terriers. Then, the breeds became popular — for example, Yorkshire Terriers were trendy for about 10 years. But even though people still often seek out purebred dogs, a new tendency is appearing — getting absolutely ordinary animals from shelters or just adopting them from the streets.

Leather jackets

After the era of fur coats and before down jackets became popular, at the end of the ’90s, it was very trendy to wear a leather jacket. Everyone wore them — from students to company managers. And everyone tried to buy something exclusive. Materials like suede and velour were also on trend.

And then, we replaced leather jackets with down jackets, many of which look identical and are made of synthetic materials.


Going out to a restaurant several decades ago was something very special. Regular people from regular families went to these places very rarely. It was a memorable event and it could have even been hard to find a table at a restaurant — in the past, there weren’t as many of them.

Nowadays, stopping by an Italian or a Chinese place to grab a quick meal is absolutely normal. Yes, some people prefer eating at home for different reasons, but a lot of people love having different meals in restaurants of different levels. And there is absolutely nothing memorable about this experience.

Bonus: The story of how you can get into an awkward situation in search of certain brands

  • I go to second-hand stores and I have a friend that only buys clothes in boutiques. Recently, she got a T-shirt that she said she bought in Paris, but I saw her at the second-hand store I go to. She was there and left with this T-shirt! I took a photo of her. So, when she was showing off this T-shirt, I showed her the photo. You should have seen her face! © Podslushano / Ideer.ru

Have you noticed these changes? Maybe, there are other things in your life that have changed over time?


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I always wanted a phone with gemstones, it looks so flashy :D but it wasn't very handy


Going to restaurants can still be a rarely thing for some people, I think it really matters on the culture!


I'm not a very big fan of those super busy houses.. I like minimal where there's loads of space


I absolutely love leather jackets so adorable, my boyfriend has one but he never wears it I don't even know what it looks like.


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