22 Accidental Art Pieces That Were Perfectly “Designed” for the Spooky Season

2 years ago

A ghost hiding in a grill oven, a spooky forest on your butter knife, or a man engulfed by a tree — these might be the perfect characters for the next big thriller movie. Some of the following pieces of accidental art might seem slightly scary at first, and others may need an explanation to be cracked, but they get us into the Halloween mood, no matter what time of year it actually is.

Bright Side found some of the most un-BOO-lievable spooky and unexpected art pieces, and they all deserve to be further investigated.

1. “My grill caught fire recently and it created this ghost.”

2. “My heart skipped a beat for a second when I saw this.”

3. “My wardrobe design looks kind of spooky.”

4. “This tree looks like it’s trying to scare people as they walk by.”

5. “I found a little ghost made out of mold on a tree.”

6. “This cookie looks like a jack-o’-lantern.”

7. “The way my window showed my reflection twice startled me.”

8. My heart skipped a beat at first glance: this bunch of daikon looks like a hand."

9. “The shadows on the wall behind my lamp look like a spooky face.”

10. “My burnt egg looks like a skeleton.”

11. “Slept over my mom’s house last night and this scared me more than I would like to admit.”

12. A scary chip — still, it must be delicious!

13. “The butter on my knife made a spooky forest.”

14. “My phone camera caught an extra outline of a seagull as it took flight.”

15. An uncanny tree

16. “A spooky frost bat appeared on my car hood.”

17. “I found this crocodile log in the forest.”

18. “I never knew celery could be so scary.”

19. “This wood knot looks like a spider and scared the life out of me.”

20. Would you dare to drink from this glass?

21. “This moth has a scary face.”

22. “My grandpa carved ’wood spirits’ into these trees 16 years ago and the trees have started healing over them.”

What random, inoffensive thing in your house has scared you at night? What’s the spookiest thing you’ve ever experienced that you’ll never forget? Share it with us in the comments.


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