15 Photos That Prove the World Is Still Full of Miracles

2 years ago

Sometimes we think that life is too complicated and there’s nothing good to expect from it. But during those difficult moments, take a look around and you’ll see that the world is much brighter than it seems.

At Bright Side, we try to see little miracles in everything that surrounds us. That’s why we couldn’t pass by the Internet users who managed to take photos of something really magical.

“My chicken laid an eggless shell and a shell-less egg in the same morning. Both were perfectly intact.”

A yellow watermelon — it’s slightly less sweet than a red one.

Usually, yellow and orange watermelons are normally sweeter than pink melons. © mondetine / Reddit

A naturally occurring perfect cube of pyrite from Spain

“The glass on my bathroom window gives this moth a crystallized, shiny texture.”

This tree is half-dry and half-not.

“These magical beans are from my garden.”

“We found 31 lucky clovers on a walk.”

Corn stalk growing through the asphalt in the middle of a grocery store parking lot

“We found a pretty large dragonfly.”

This cloud looks like a feather.

“I found this behemoth pine cone.”

Lightning hit the sidewalk.

“I found this mushroom 5 years ago.”

“I found an arrowhead in a dried up stream!”

“I came in my kitchen to find a lizard using a sponge as a raft in the sink.”

What little miracles happen around you? Show us the photos in the comments.

Preview photo credit TheBilingualSnail / Reddit


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