20 Genius Things That Got a Second Chance After They Were Recycled

2 years ago

We consume lots of things and our planet is overloaded with leftovers. Some designers think about the ecological situation and create amazing things from old stuff. Only about 13% is recycled on a global level, but this level can be higher with our help.

We at Bright Side are all for a healthy and clean planet and are sharing 20 ideas that can inspire you too.

1. “I made this from non-recyclable chip packets, it’s pretty impractical but designed to be a statement.”

2. “A gum recycling depot at a train station in Britain”

3. “These coffee cups are made out of recycled coffee grounds.”

4. “I recycled some old fire extinguishers and turned them into pendant lights.”

5. “My team and I are making a shoe from about 90% recycled materials.”

6. “This shopping cart is made from recycled milk bottles!”

7. “A charcuterie board made entirely from waste bottle tops”

8. “My first attempt at an upcycled rope rug — pretty happy with how it turned out.”

9. “I recycled some cans and I think they look perfect.”

10. “A guitar built from recycled skateboards”

11. Eco-art

12. “A blue whale made out of recycled plastics”

13. “Reusing an old rake”

14. “The drained water of this sink is reused for flushing the toilet.”

15. “I work at a travel agency where I reuse our outdated maps as wrapping paper.”

16. “My favorite pen is made out of a flattened circuit board.”

17. “I built a chicken coop for free out of materials from Craigslist.”

18. “This table set is made from cardboard.”

19. “Made my own gaming chair from a car seat.”

20. “This sketchbook made from real recycled circuit boards”

Which thing did you like the most? Have you ever tried to recycle or upcycle anything?


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