17 Discoveries That Satisfied Our Inner Childish Curiosity

2 years ago

Perhaps there is nothing like that rush of excitement and curiosity we felt as a child when discovering how the world works. Even the simplest things, like finding something that belongs to another decade or tasting a new fruit, can get a child’s imagination working. Thankfully, we can still have this immense curiosity and satisfaction when we discover new cool things in the world around us — it never gets old.

Bright Side found some pretty cool things that people as adults have discovered and been thrilled about, so we thought we’d awaken that child inside you with them.

1. “I peeled a passion fruit!”

2. “A beautiful sap formation from a cashew tree”

3. “This drop of salt water recrystallized overnight.”

4. “A friend had an emu and gave me an egg.”

5. “The way my chai latte froze in the car”

6. “Please don’t jam big packets in, as it blocks them.”

7. “These are the front incisors of a beaver.”

8. “This old calendar from 1941 still hanging up in the cellar at the ranch I work on”

9. “A monarch chrysalis in my garage”

10. “A mammoth lobster claw I found on the beach”

11. “Intrigued to learn that pineberries exist.”

12. “Transporting an airplane”

13. “A 2.5-kg ’Bunya pine’ cone. Looks a little like a spiky dragon egg.”

14. “I had the privilege of watching 2 baby hummingbirds grow up in my backyard, from jellybean eggs to independent birds.”

15. “The image of my front yard reflected upside down on my daughter’s bedroom wall.”

16. “The ear drops I bought have a message on the bottom of the box for people who open it upside down.”

17. “We caught a critically endangered sunflower sea star in our crab trap (Orcas Island, WA).”

What is the wildest thing you have only discovered as an adult? Have you ever made a one-of-a-kind discovery?

Preview photo credit gacha_mind / Reddit


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