10+ Epic Photos That Can Awaken Empathy in All of Us

8 months ago

When trouble happens or when reality turns out to be less pleasant than we’d hoped, the best way to overcome it is to switch on your sense of humor to its fullest. It will help you to perceive the issue not as a catastrophe but as another way the Universe can strengthen your nerves.

Bright Side collected dramatic photos showing the pain that can be felt on a molecular level.

When your pet bird decided to check how strong your nervous system was:

“Our vacation rental was described as having a golf course view. Technically, that was true...”

Finding out the reward for being the “Student of the Month” is just a piece of paper:

“I ordered wireless headphones but ended up getting an accurately packed halva.”

When nothing foreshadows such trouble:

“My parents paid a lot of money to fix their leaking garage roof a few weeks ago. Today a tree fell on it.”

“’It’s not difficult to take care of a white dog,’ they said.”

“This photo was taken the second my friend shot my other friend in the eye with a nerf gun.”

This cat obviously wasn’t ready to meet such a big spider web.

Just like the driver of this vehicle wasn’t ready to see this:

“I ordered a full drink...80% of the glass is filled with ice cubes.”

“Wearing these wet sandals wasn’t the best idea.”

These could be big, tasty, aromatic, sweet doughnuts.

When you want to open a long-awaited parcel as quickly as possible but the universe has its own plans for it:

“Trying to squeeze in a 2-minute shower with twin toddlers. What I think they’ll play with (in the left photo) vs what they actually play with (in the right photo)...”

Birds in Germany are very, very angry.

No use crying over spilled stucco.

“Mom left her candle too close to the fireplace.”

When no one pays attention to you:

“Just got out of the gym and was really thirsty. The vending machine gave me frozen water and now I have to wait.”

Which of the photos in this compilation caused the most empathy in you? Please tell us about it in the comments!

Preview photo credit zebraturret / Reddit


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