20 People Who Screwed Up So Epically, They’ll Remember It for the Rest of Their Lives

4 years ago

Everyone makes mistakes, and there are instances when you may feel a bit silly about yourself later. But worry not, according to the Internet, people have done way worse, like get a major tattoo fail, let their pizza slip away on the subway while napping, and many more hilarious mistakes like these.

Due to this, Bright Side now presents you with some of the extreme ways people let their stupidity get the best of them.

1. Apparently, whipping peanut butter in the container itself was not a good idea.

2. When you take things way too literally:

3. You had one job!

4. Never open the USB charger cable this way.

5. It’s going to be a lengthy conversation.

6. An epic “whoopsies!”

7. Diego will never forget this event for the rest of his life.

8. This pizza was cooked on a plastic board which was not oven-friendly.

9. Roasting marshmallows via hot iron wasn’t a good idea.

10. “My favorite pants, ruined forever!”

11. Pizza ruined in 3...2...1...

12. These guys worked on making the rice all morning, and oops!

13. “Should’ve checked the cup before pouring the yogurt in.”

14. Here’s a tattoo fail.

15. This guy threw away hot charcoal in the trash bin.

16. It’s not a smoothie anymore!

17. Epic fail while trying to season eggs correctly

18. This guy got stranded while he was cleaning the roof and gutters home alone.

19. They need to hire a new copy editor...

20. He’s looking for his car keys.

Have you encountered any fails like these in your own life? Feel free to share them with us in the comments below.

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As a Virgo and a perfectionist....it's hard to watch all this mess. Please, someone, show me the pictures after those Kitchens are cleaned up :p


Don't make fun of me, but I've done so stupid things in the kitchen like in number 1


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