15 Times People Saw a Show That Was Worth 100 Oscars

2 years ago

Seeing an X-ray of a teddy bear or capturing the moment when a dog truly kisses you are just a couple of examples of what life can put in front of us. While special moments are not so easy to spot, they are even harder to capture on camera. However, it seems like these people were struck by luck more than twice.

We at Bright Side saw images on the Internet that we can’t put on a scale — they’re just priceless. And now we’re sharing them with you so that you can enjoy them too.

1. “I accidentally kissed a dog at work today!”

2. “My brother made a powerful enemy during a visit to the Vancouver Aquarium years ago.”

3. “I wrapped friends in duct tape and stuffed the forms to make this Halloween display.”

4. “I’m taking a selfie with my mom while she feeds the baby.”

5. “There is a colony of...something growing in between the panes of glass of my window.”

6. “Iris treating the dishwasher like it’s a buffet line.”

7. “This loaf of bread I bought came with a baby loaf attached.”

8. “I feel like I’m being tested.”

9. “Found this rock with an odd-shaped hole.”

10. “Toronto fog was eating up the buildings tonight, looks like someone used a blur tool.”

11. “This cloud I saw while on an airplane”

12. “While doing the dishes, I saw a cluster of perfectly aligned bubbles. Was quite fascinated by it for a good minute.”

13. “An X-ray of my childhood bear, taken in the ’90s”

14. “The hedge I found had a face trimmed into it.”

15. “Neighbors got a new dog. He seems to love my pug.”

Which one got your attention the most? Have you ever stumbled upon a unique moment? Do you have a pic to share with us?

Preview photo credit Ohmyjoss / reddit


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