20+ People Who Know What It Truly Means to Be an Aunt or Uncle

A niece or nephew is the best gift a sibling can give you. Being an aunt or uncle gives you the advantage of being able to love and pamper someone beyond the responsibility that comes with actually having a child. Perhaps therein lies the special relationship that many people have in their role as aunts and uncles.

At Bright Side, we gathered more than 27 images that show this bond that is invisible but so unique, and it unites these aunts and uncles with their nieces and nephews.

1. “My favorite series of photos. My niece doesn’t like my beard. Had to sneak in a cuddle.”

2. “My brother, with Down syndrome, holding his newborn great niece on Christmas.”

3. “Donated my swimmies to my sister’s girlfriend and I’m now a proud uncle to my donor child.”

4. “My niece went to visit my 92-year-old great-aunt.’”

“When my niece asked her if she would take a picture with her, she said she couldn’t because she would have to go put her makeup on. To which my niece replied, ’Well, let’s go put it on!’”

5. “A giraffe cake for my niece! Not the smoothest finish but I don’t have many decorating tools. Still think it turned out pretty good.”

6. “As an uncle, I like passing down the most important traditions.”

7. “Because my boyfriend will become an uncle, I started to learn how to crochet. This is my first complete piece (a gift for the baby).”

8. “Today a got a present from my aunt that’s a pillow made of my deceased grandpa’s clothes.”

9. “Ice fishing with my nephew in Northern Ontario”

10. “An actual text from my 7-year-old nephew”

11. “Apparently I’m pretty comfy, according to my niece and cat, anyway.”

12. “My niece asked me to draw something on her cast, and I couldn’t resist...”

13. “My niece, who’s 13 years old, made this pillowcase in craft class. She’s beginning to understand the world!”

The text on the pillowcase: “Some people just need a high-five in the face with a chair.”

14. “Baked a cake to celebrate my nephew’s LAST chemo treatment 4 years after he got leukemia at age 7!”

15. “So, my niece graduated...then this happened.”

16. “Made this for my 2-year-old niece who ADORES Toy Story 4. Everyone meet Spoony.”

17. “My niece and me as Wonder Women”

18. “I gave my nephew deodorant to use. And then I realized he’s 6...”

19. “Pretty much all tatted up now thanks to my niece.”

20. “I let my niece put makeup on me. Yep, I’m her favorite uncle for sure...”

21. “Our niece wasn’t thrilled about the first kiss.”

22. “The willow branch is for my niece, Willow, and the cats are for my nephew, Hunter.”

23. His nephews wondered why the art museum had a painting of their uncle.

24. “This is what my 7-year-old niece sent me after asking my mom for my number.”

25. “My niece, trying to figure out what’s on my face”

26. “I’m trans and transitioned almost 5 years ago. This year my uncle made a family tree for my grandparents and included my new name on it.”

27. “My 4-year-old nephew drew a very flattering portrait of me.”

What do you think is the best part of being an aunt or uncle? Do you have any memorable stories that you’ve experienced with any of your aunts, uncles, nieces, or nephews?

Please note: This article was updated in July 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit T-Bone_FPV / Reddit


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