15+ Everyday Essentials That Were Completely Different Centuries Ago

2 years ago

Nowadays, everything seems to change so fast. Life looked totally different years ago. Certain everyday objects have impacted our lives significantly, so it’s always nice to look back in time and appreciate their original designs. Who knows, maybe we can even get inspiration for a new era!

Bright Side gathered a list of objects we use every day that have changed beyond recognition over the years. Keep scrolling to see them all.

1. Hygiene products

During ancient times, many different materials were used to clean up bowel movements. These included water, leaves, grass, animal furs, seashells, and even stones.

2. Razors

At first sight, razors look like they haven’t changed a lot, but if we can talk about the razor used right now in the modern world, they are easier to use and less dangerous.

3. Printers

Printers found in offices and homes are very small and light compared to old printers. They look completely different but present some characteristics that have made our lives way easier.

4. Speakers

We all remember the giant speakers we used to own back in the day, it’s like the bigger the speaker was the cooler it was. The Bluetooth speakers that are available now are much more practical, we can carry them around, and one thing is guaranteed — the sound quality.

5. Kitchen stoves

Old kitchen stoves were no more than a wood-burning cookstove. As the age of invention took place, stoves became better adapted to the modern kitchen.

6. Calculators

Old calculators had basic operating principles, and aside from adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing numbers, there wasn’t much to do. Right now, a large choice of functions is available on modern calculators.

7. Vacuum cleaners

Vacuum cleaners have evolved dramatically, the function is the same but the shape, size, and cleaning conditions are different. Robot vacuum cleaners mark an uprising in household cleaning.

8. Washing machine

When searching for the history of these machines, we had no idea that the crank-operated machines that were used in the 1940s were actually washing machines. Now we’ve switched to automatic washing machines that offer a lot of different options.

9. Toaster

The first electric toaster was invented in 1893 in Scotland, and the design of old toasters is different than how we know them today. Modern ones look more aesthetically pleasing and sophisticated.

10. Kettles

Found in almost every home around the world, kettles have come a long way from their origin when they were made from iron and needed constant cleaning. Now they’re practical, easier to use, and far more appealing.

11. Televisions

The television evolution timeline comes as no surprise, it’s one of the most common objects that has changed immensely over the years. This invention has become extremely sophisticated with much more options compared to its older versions.

12. Telephones

Telephones have changed a lot over time, they went from large and heavy tools to everyday objects we cannot live without.

13. Sunglasses

Snow goggles were invented to protect people from snow blindness, and this item has developed to become the sunglasses we use every day to protect our eyes from UV light.

14. Clothing irons

Irons have had their share of transformation as well. The sleek electronic iron we use nowadays was once made of a solid piece of cast iron and needed some strength to manipulate.

15. Headphones

The first headphones were used by telephone operators. Later on, they gained popularity, especially among young people. They have quickly jumped to wireless earbuds to become one of the most important and convenient accessories used nowadays.

16. High heels

Chopines used to be popular among high-status women between the 15th and 17th centuries. In the beginning, they were used to protect the dress from getting dirty by the street soil and mud. Over time, the height of the heels even signified their cultural and social standing as well.

Which object on this list has changed beyond recognition? Let us know in the comments!

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Please note: This article was updated in May 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


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looking at some modern shoes i wouldn't say that they have got any more comfortable than what they used to be...🤔


who would have known that phones would become so essential to us


Too many in society consider "Things" as essential items, but they're really not. Younger people nowadays always want to be Entertained. Where is the magic of Imagination nowadays? the Creativity? the True Wonder?
Too many Not New ideas are around anymore, When was the last time you even heard a New song? no, they are simply rerecording or redigitalising the oldies, again.


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