15 People Who Found Something That Spiced Up an Ordinary Day

2 years ago

Coming across a long-lost photo of yourself with Quentin Tarantino or realizing you’re sitting next to your older doppelgänger. These gifts from the universe are rare, which makes them all the more exciting. Fortunately, people share them online so we too can experience their joy.

Bright Side collected some fascinating findings that were the highlight of someone’s day.

1. “Found a pic of myself at 8 that I thought was lost.”

2. “My steak looks like a part of North America.”

3. “Our group’s colors happened to cover the full spectrum of the rainbow.”

4. “My cat’s face has a secret bunny and I don’t know what to do with this information.”

5. “Just had a moment of serendipity on transit and wanted to share with you all.”

6. “Last week a bald eagle flew through my bedroom window, while I was lying in bed.”

  • “I just wanna add that the bird is in the care of the Teton Raptor Center. He is expected to make a full recovery and is going to be returned to his life-long mate. After further inspection, his USGS bands revealed that he is 30 years old. One of the oldest eagles ever recorded outside captivity.” — taterz_precious / Reddit

7. “I found graphite in my finger from elementary school.”

8. “Stephen King reading a book at a Red Sox game.”

9. “Old cars are becoming the river bank.”

10. “The guy in front of me was eating a whole sweet potato pie at the theater.”

11. “All 5’ foot 3” of me wearing an XXXXXXL t-shirt."

12. “This gummy bear monstrosity I just pulled out of a fresh bag.”

13. “Our house still has its original milk door.”

14. “Bought a small strip of film from an actual Nightmare Before Christmas movie reel.”

15. “Found my dad’s old phone.”

What’s the most surprising thing you’ve ever come across? Make sure to leave your amusing pics and tales in the comments!

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Preview photo credit TheBromaro / Reddit


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