18 Times People Showed the Witty Side of Their Lives

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A situation that triggers a sudden wave of incontrollable laugher is a gem that needs to be treasured and remembered. Whether it was our pet friend being goofier than usual or a random humorous sight we witnessed on the street — when the right timing meets a really absurd circumstance, the result can be truly priceless. We can’t always explain why something is endlessly funny and that’s what fills it with even more magic.

1. ’’A rare indoor cloud’’

2. ’’I saved a tiny squirrel. But my cat isn’t very pleased.’’

3. ’’My brother got this pizza in Rome, Italy.’’

4. “The new puppy is a bit weird.”

5. “My Netflix got confused in the best possible way.”

6. ’’I thought this was funny.’’

The note says: “Be patient, I’m pushing as fast as I can!”

7. ’’The rescue owl needed a medicated bath for itchy skin. He is just fine now, I can’t stop laughing.’’

8. ’’It seems my cat and new puppy are getting along really well.’’

9. Are they selling Bigfoot feet steak now?

10. ’’Draw me like one of your French girls.’’

11. ’’The second chocolate bear partly melted in its tray. Now it looks like he’s wearing a funny hat.’’

12. ’’This isn’t what I ordered.’’

13. ’’They ’moved’ my bike to work on the street light.’’

14. ’’My daughter only wants to play with ’dolls.’ This is what she did to my childhood Action Man toy.’’

15. ’’Can science fix my cat?’’

16. “Joke’s on them! I’m only disabled during business hours.”

17. “My daughter told me we only had a little milk left in the fridge.”

18. “My son, forever falling asleep in the most random and uncomfortable, crazy positions. The kid has *soooo* many places he could sleep, and he picks this!?”

Please note: This article was updated in February 2023 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
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