20 People Who Decided to Live Their Life With Humor

2 years ago

The football player and motivational speaker Ralph Marston once said that happiness is a choice, not a result. Life isn’t always rainbows and butterflies, so we have to make the conscious effort to look at the sunnier side of things.

But of course, this is easier said than done. That’s why Bright Side rounded up these folks who seem to eat positivity for breakfast. Who knows? Their infectious zest for life might just rub off on you!

1. “Saw the evil queen when my daughter was napping. Couldn’t resist.”

2. “My girlfriend told me not to have too much fun watching her dog for the day. Request denied!”

3. When you’re a Marvel cosplayer and you see some cracks on the pavement, you know you just have to.

4. This veterinarian must be moonlighting as a comedian.

5. “Got my ear pierced today and couldn’t resist.”

6. “Had fun at the town festivities with my costume. People kept asking, ’When did they put a statue here?’”

7. “Had to shave my beard. Couldn’t resist the opportunity.”

8. “My students got me into origami. Not the best, but had fun making an origami Yoda!”

9. “I put giant googly eyes on my fridge thinking it would be funny. Now I just feel like it’s judging my eating habits.”

10. “Had fun with the snow mound that the city made when cleaning off the street.”

11. “My mom and her husband just goofing off”

12. “I had a little too much fun making this turkey-shaped challah bread for Thanksgiving.”

13. “My father can be childish at times.”

14. “This drawing sure makes Marilyn Monroe much more a-peel-ing.”

15. Kenny McCormick would be so proud.

16. Nothing to see here, just two guys living their Mortal Kombat fantasy

17. “They’re installing new sewers on my road, and the construction workers had a bit of fun.”

18. “These security guards at a tennis event. The one on the left said, ’Act like I’m the tennis ball.’”

19. “I painted myself painting myself drawing myself painting myself painting myself painting myself.”

20. “Went to a wedding this weekend. The bride had fun photobombing.”

Which of these naturally funny people would you like to be best friends with? Don’t forget to sound off your thoughts in the comments!

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