20 Pics That Prove Pets Are Deeply Affectionate Beings We’d Give Up the World For

3 years ago

Petting an animal means you’ll always have something to melt over. And sometimes they act so human, it’s no wonder they have a pretty broad emotional spectrum. And there are even studies that showed cats are also able to understand emotions both in humans and in their conspecifics.

We at Bright Side have put together a fresh dose of pets being unbearably endearing and think it’s exactly what we all need right now.

1. “My husband is a cat magnet — that’s not even our cat.”

2. “My cat checking if I’m okay in the scary water thing.”

3. “Today my dog kissed her vet while he was taking her blood pressure.”

4. “My cat is a very proud mom.”

5. “I rescued a stray cat in my neighborhood. At night, his brother would come to visit him.”

6. “We had my nephew for the night and he fell asleep on the sofa, so Bruce made sure he was safe.”

7. “My foster dog had never been indoors before. This is her first nap, on a bed, in a home.”

8. “One of my favorite pictures of my favorite girls!”

9. “This is my new friend, Harvey! Took this just minutes after adopting him!”

10. “Still best buds”

11. “Her owners didn’t want her anymore because she wasn’t friendly enough, so I took her. My best decision ever.”

12. “After 6 years, she flopped over in my lap.”

13. “Murphy likes to hug my pregnant tum. The baby was going crazy, so I think he or she can feel the purring vibrations!”

14. “Woke up from a nap to find this guy next to me!”

15. “My boy with his boy”

16.“I love you, I love you most ardently.”

17. “My cat won’t stop looking into my neighbor’s apartment. Here’s why.”

18. “The orange kitten I rescued from under my stairs 2 days ago already knows how to pose like a supermodel.”

19. “Say hello to our new boy, Jasper.”

20. “Wife lies down, our dogs, 0.025 seconds later...”

How do your little buddies express their emotions?

Preview photo credit gosignsaresuggestive / Reddit


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