17 Pics That Were Taken at the Right Time in the Right Place

2 years ago

While most photos are supposed to be still frames, some lucky shots can look as if they’re in motion at first glance. These rare snaps only happen when the perfect timing, the right place, and a little luck come together. And what makes these photos so special, is that they happen when we least expect them. As if they were meant to immortalize those fleeting moments when the universe shows its quirky side.

Bright Side is fascinated by those super expressive photos that speak right to our soul regardless of their context. Here are some lucky snaps that will shower you with all kinds of colorful emotions.

1. ’’My friend and I tried this heart jump all day for perfect timing.’’

2. ’’The quick moment when my newborn smiled while sleeping’’

3. ’’A pelican with its mouth open’’

4. ’’I think I caught a ghost on camera.’’

5. ’’I captured the perfect picture of my dog.’’

6. ’’I was diving in Thailand and this happened.’’

7. ’’This is the single coolest moment in my life.’’

8. ’’I took a picture of a Lemur at the perfect moment.’’

9. ’’While my girlfriend was doing some Irish dance’’

10. ’’Usually they fight, but this is a rare moment of the true compassion between rivals.’’

11. ’’A photo where my eye is both open and closed.’’

12. ’’A brave soul caught on camera’’

13. ’’My dog flies.’’

14. ’’I captured childhood in a picture.’’

15. ’’As a wedding photographer, I peaked with this capture.’’

16. ’’My mom captured the perfect moment of her golden retriever in the snow.’’

17. She’s thinking "Oh, I’m so pretty.’’

Do you often take photos to immortalize moments, or do you rather enjoy them on the spot? Tell us about the random snapshot that has marked you the most?

Preview photo credit TM_34/Reddit, cyanmonsoon/Reddit


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