18 Times Creativity Left Us Speechless and Delighted at Once

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Recent advances in neuroscience have shown that a key element to creativity is to get into situations that take you out of your comfort zone. This happens because it challenges the tendency of our brain to take shortcuts, allowing you to think freely. You can achieve this by changing little things in your day-to-day routine, like taking a different path back home, or just paying close attention to your surroundings, which can get you pleasantly surprised.

To give you a taste of the best that the human mind can proportionate, Bright Side prepared these examples of unusual things to boost your creativity, and light up your mood.

1. “This hotel has a clock embedded onto a pillar.”

2. “At training last night, at the break area”

3. “These shoes found at a thrift store with controller-shaped soles”

4. “Holy cow, this hair dye job is awesome!”

5. “Spotted my next car, definitely more fuel-efficient than my current one!”

6. “My favorite intersection (Hershey, PA)”

7. “This business sign in Greensboro, NC has lenticular art and animates its mascot.”

8. “Creation of kitty”

9. “Our host told us all the code violations had been fixed ’except for the light in the bathroom.’”

10. “A squid fact hotline I found walking around Philly”

11. “The dialysis center gave me stress balls shaped like kidneys.”

12. “A tree stump built into a staircase”

13. “This game that came with a ski mask over it”

14. “How our daycare reminded us about picture day”

15. “This wheelchair ramp is made out of Legos.”

16. “We finally have the answer to how a giraffe wears a swimsuit.”

17. “The ’Helping Hand’ statue in Palmer Square Park temporarily got acrylics.”

18. “The ’down’ button for this elevator is just an upside-down ’up’ button.”

What was the most creative thing that you have ever seen? We would love to know in the comments.

Preview photo credit s***_clown/reddit, Kalli672/reddit


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