15 Real World MacGyvers Whose Hacks Make Life Easier

2 years ago

The world has known quite a few geniuses, but you don’t need to be Einstein to sometimes be considered one. A simple yet incredibly creative solution to a universal problem might just give you that same title among internet users. Whether it’s a low-budget fix for something that broke or an inventive new way to do a daily task, people seem to agree with Avril Lavigne that life doesn’t have to be so complicated.

Bright Side found a few game-changing solutions to everyday problems that we would like to share with you.

1. “We move cacti with Hulk hands at work.”

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2. “My family’s doorbell stopped working a week or so ago. We had to improvise.”

3. “My mom and sisters’ attempt at providing air conditioning in the back for me — it did the trick!”

4. “I couldn’t find any washers that would fit over the heads of screws, so, yep.”

5. “If you’re moving, you can use this method to easily transport all the clothes that you hang.”

6. Perhaps whoever created the floats was unaware of the alternative uses that a practical mind could put them to.

7. A very effective method for resolving the lack of light

8. “I’m no MacGyver but I do what needs to be done.”

9. “A PVC pipe basketball ’hoop’ I made so that my son could practice”

10. “A temporary drying rack for my hotel room”

11. “Use plastic wrap under caps to reseal seasonings that solidify overtime.”

12. The right way to reuse an old boot

13. “Master Lock 100”

14. “No cup holders? No problem.”

15. “Shower curtain hooks work well for hanging holiday lights on curtain rods.”

Do you consider yourself handy? What was the most original home repair you’ve seen lately?

Preview photo credit catnip4sale / Reddit


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