15+ People Who Were a Bit Far From Having a Normal Day

2 years ago

If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be. And hopefully, there are many people for whom normal has never been their thing. They all have their own approach to our reality and use their creative bone in everything they do.

We at Bright Side have found some fancy “weirdos” that prove any situation has more bewildering solutions than we could ever imagine.

1. “How my girlfriend slices onions”

2. “My fortune cookie had 2 fortunes in it.”

3. “When you left the husband to take care of the rabbit”

4. “I used to be a postman and once found a sealed pack of bacon inside the postbox.”

5. “I also enjoy recycling my stop signs.”

6. “’Spread Love,’ said this Denver dinosaur.”

7. “My wife gets creative with leaving me surprise notes.”

8. “I made a balloon in a balloon in a balloon.”

9. “Blind date with a book”

10. “I made my roommate a Batman toothbrush holder.”

11. “My dad eats his burgers upside-down and with chopsticks.”

12. “The car parked next to mine had a lizard on the dashboard.”

13. “A snake looking through my glass door”

14. “A coffee cat sculpture I made”

15. “This soup broth in the shape of a cartoon cow”

16. “This isn’t my dog, but this is how my day started.”

17. “Am I a Disney princess now?”

18. “I’m done. I’m going to Narnia.”

Have you seen anything unusual ever in your life? Are you the one who always tries to do everything in your own unique way? Please share your witty stories with us all. And don’t forget to attach some photos.

Preview photo credit unknown / reddit


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