13 Pics Showing That a Positive Attitude Makes Life Way Easier

2 years ago

Laughing is crucial for coping with troubles because we convince our brains to stay positive when we laugh. “Fake it until you make it,” is a famous saying many psychologists often refer to. The heroes of our compilation developed a habit of going through tough situations with smiles on their faces, and they inspire us to face problems positively too.

We at Bright Side adore the positivity our heroes spread, and we want to share it with our readers.

1. “My son kept saying, ’It’s such a nice day outside!’”

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2. She turned her wheelchair into the Iron Throne for Halloween.

3. “When your wife falls asleep in random places, the only thing you can do is take pictures.”

4. “Cyberpunk cosplay with real bionic arms”

5. “I’ve been struggling with extreme depression this week. Came home to my girlfriend sticking these all over the house.”

6. “My son is 4 with cerebral palsy. Every year, my amazing wife builds him a costume to go on his wheelchair.”

7. “The struggle of being a Southeast Asian in the Netherlands”

8. “Oh great, now I have to share with 4 of them.”

9. “Anticipating questions at work”

10. “Apparently my daughter can reach things on the counter. She thinks I like scrambled eggs.”

11. “My first round of mini golf, and yes, I am a little person, I’m aware.”

12. “Nan has a learning disability and was denied opportunities her whole life. This was a dream come true!”

13. “I lost my first bionic arm wrestling challenge but I’m blaming my fleshy parts.”

When was the last time you faced troubles positively?

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When was the last time you faced troubles positively? I didn't faced troubles positively!


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