15+ Photos That Prove You Don’t Have to Spend Money to Get Cool Shoes

2 years ago

Many fashionistas love to emphasize their individuality with unusual shoes. Some people spend a lot of money on designer sneakers, while others take ordinary shoes and make a little masterpiece out of them.

At Bright Side, we are stunned by how cool self-made things can be. You may find some ideas from this article useful for further implementation.

“The sneakers custom-painted by my wife”

“I made these boring shoes ultra-trendy with the help of old comics.”

“I’ve repaired my shoes with some embroidery.”

“My shoes were flaking and my mother put them in the throw away pile. Instead, I upcycled them since the soles and base were fine.”

“I made a pattern from the boots, cut it out from fabric, and glued it on, then stitched the top part.”

“I made over a pair of ugly shoes. They only cost me $5 and with some paint, glitter, and mod podge I made them fresh and new again!”

“My first freestyle project. I didn’t write down a pattern till the left shoe was done.”

“I painted a pair of nude ballroom shoes to go with this dress, but they look great with a pair of jeans too.”

“I made these shoes myself. I used a pattern from YouTube. These took me about 4 months of off and on work. They are really soft.”

“Shoes, me, acrylic paint pens on canvas, 2022”

“I found these awesome salesman samples of a cool limited edition Clarks trainers.”

“But I’ve just become bored with them and decided they needed new life. I dyed them blue and chose different laces. I’m very happy I made the decision to bite the bullet and turn an already one-of-a-kind, rare shoe into a head turner!”

“I live in sneakers so I personalized some for my wedding.”

“I just finished my baby shoes set in shades of blue.”

“My brother’s fiancée wanted to buy expensive rhinestone heels for their wedding, so I made her some instead!”

“I made these mini-boots for a new nephew.”

“I took my normal high heels and modified them into real Barbie shoes.”

“Cute bunny heels I made!”

Do you have any DIY projects to show off? Share them in the comments below.

Preview photo credit nooooooel / Reddit


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