9 Things You Should Never Forbid Your Child From Doing

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9 months ago

Psychologists think that limits make a child feel safer and calmer. However, certain restraints can do just the opposite, making your little one feel insecure and slowing their development.

We at Bright Side decided to tell you about some things you should allow your kids to do. We promise it’ll be the best gift for them.

1. Ask questions

A child grows and learns about the world, naturally finding more and more questions. It may be hard for parents to answer all of them in the evening when they’re tired, but quality time with your kids not only helps them develop, it creates a strong bond between you that will stay with you even when your children grow up.

2. Cry

Little children feel everything much more vividly than adults. Don’t forbid your kid to cry, nor shame them for tears. It’s better to help them understand why they’re crying and find a way to deal with it.

3. Be greedy

Your child has the right to have things of their own, just like adults do. Never shame them for being greedy.

4. Say "no"

Your child isn’t your subject; they’re a family member in their own right. Forbidding them to say "no" to you means violating their borders. Instead, try to find an agreement or a way to explain why they sometimes must do what they don’t want to.

5. Be noisy

Don’t spoil your kid’s childhood. Let them sing songs and make noises. This is the only period of their lives when they are free to do so, after all.

6. Be afraid

Little kids may become scared of a doctor or a strange relative, and that’s fine. Don’t shame them for being afraid, but let them know you’re there and there’s nothing to fear.

7. Have secrets

The older your kids are, the more they need their privacy. You should know what’s going on in their lives, but make sure you don’t trespass. Your kids’ trust is priceless, and it’s best not to risk it by reading their diaries or pressing them for secrets.

8. Feel angry or jealous

A child is a person too, and they have the right to have negative feelings. Remember that their willpower isn’t strong yet, and they have trouble controlling themselves. Your kids shouldn’t just stop expressing their feelings if we think they’re "bad" ones.

9. Make mistakes

No one likes making mistakes, and it’s even worse when an adult scolds you for them. It’s no surprise that a child won’t ever want to do anything on their own after that.

Illustrated by Mariya Zavolokina for Bright Side


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