8 Parenting Mistakes That Can Affect a Child’s Adult Life

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5 years ago

Responsible parents will do anything to raise a happy and successful child, but sometimes they fail. Parenting mistakes can cause children to start analyzing the events that happen around them and create a worldview that has an impact on their future life.

Bright Side wants this world to be full of happy children and adults, that’s why today, we’ll discuss some negative moments that will definitely affect a child’s adult life.

8. You don’t show your child you love them.

For a small human being, their mom and dad are the most important people in the whole world. What happens when a child doesn’t feel their parents’ love?

  • Their self-esteem suffers a lot and they don’t love themselves. As a result, some people try to change themselves with the help of plastic surgery in adult life.
  • Others, on the contrary, try to give all their love to their own children and turn their care into total control, and their children will feel unhappy as well.

7. You try to control everything.

Why should parents build a relationship with their kids without constant control? Parents sometimes forget that their children have grown up and continue doing everything for them. These children don’t grow up emotionally and will experience problems with their relationships.

  • They will continue to think that the whole world revolves around them. They’ll also be unable to build healthy relationships since they can’t make decisions and only think about themselves, and this attitude will most definitely lead to conflict.

6. You don’t empower your child to make their own decisions.

When parents make decisions for their children, they’re not letting their kids be independent. Every child should have the right to make a choice (with support and according to their age).

  • The inability to make decisions makes people incapable of problem solving, and they will always need someone to help them. It won’t be easy for them to find their place in this world because they don’t even know what they want.

5. You argue around them constantly.

If parents argue constantly, children may think that they are to blame. They don’t understand what’s going on and think they’re guilty.

  • These people usually try to avoid different conflicts or, on the contrary, abuse others. In the future, girls unconsciously try to show men that they’re stronger and young men usually repeat their fathers’ behavior. Additionally, they often understand that what they’re doing is bad and may develop addiction problems as a result.

4. You demand the impossible.

A child trusts the adults in their life, especially their parents, and struggles to do everything they’re told to do. If they fail, they start thinking that they’re losers who don’t deserve to be loved.

  • It’s almost impossible to live with this type of person. They will always be too focused on success. If they fail to do their best (in their opinion), they will feel unhappy, and even depressed. These people also usually try to prevent their family members from being happy.

3. You train your child to be convenient.

Unfortunately, controlling a child’s desires is a normal phenomenon. Parents often tell their child to go and watch TV or play a video game, so that their child doesn’t disturb them. It’s fine if these situations don’t occur very often, but as a rule, it shouldn’t happen on a regular basis. Every parents’ goal is to raise a person who’s able to live in the world independently and make their own decisions, following their own needs and values.

  • These people usually can’t live a normal independent life and turn into dependent adults. They also don’t understand what they want and it affects their health and causes different addiction issues.

2. As a father, you don’t pay enough attention to your child.

The lack of a father’s attention affects the future lives of both boys and girls. It’s mostly about those families where fathers just don’t pay enough attention to their children, they just exist and that’s it. A child’s courage and their personal development depend on their fathers. So what happens when children don’t get enough attention?

  • A boy might behave the same way as his father used to behave. And girls usually experience difficulties in building romantic relationships. The thing is, women choose men that resemble their fathers. They want to have a happy family, but their childhood experience makes them feel suspicious about men.

1. You downplay your child’s feelings.

Sometimes children get upset about things that look silly to adults. But instead of support, they get an assessment (Like “That’s bad,” “That’s good,” or “Boys don’t cry”) or orders (Like “Stop crying” or “Don’t be angry”). That’s how feelings and emotions get downplayed.

  • The more a person understands and controls their feelings, the more resilient this person is. This is also important when it comes to making decisions. In adult life, these people can’t share their emotions and they suppress their anger until they explode.

Do you agree that our childhood influences our adult life?

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That's a really delicate topic, because as a kid, it's sometimes really hard to admit, some of our mantal issues are cause bt our presious parents. I have noticed it myself, my family is really emotional and screaming at each other sometimes is normal, I was used to it too. But when I came around other people, they kep telling me that I sometimes get too looud and agressive, while I thought I behaved normal. I actually had to stop for a while are rethink my behaviour, because I didn't want my friends leave me because of my "aggression".
Are your parents calm around you?


the whole my family, including grandparents, have a rule: be always calm around kids. They might seem unemotional, but actually, it helps! You look at them at learn how to control your emotions better, think carefully about what you are going to say and stuff. At the end it helps outside the house. :)


Also, one of the worst thing you can do to a little kid, is to be emotionally unstable. Now you scream at him, after 5 minutes you already apologize and hug him. Kid will not know how to react and will become really mentally unstable in the future.


I think another really bad thing to do to a kid is not to support him in his dreams and tell him what is "better" for him. He can end up being unhappy with his life, if he follows this advice instead of following his dreams.


After that last one, I took some time to reflect and realized I am this close || to an explosion


these comments seem like advice, and all i'm here to do is is say that girls are NOT always crying


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