A Man Buys an Extra Seat on a Flight for Comfort but Regrets It Right After Boarding

11 months ago

A Reddit user with the nickname Auroraah shared a curious story. This person witnessed how sometimes paying more doesn’t bring the desired result, but the opposite. Here is how it all went.

I was on a connecting flight. At the check-in desk around 1 hour before departure, a passenger of the larger variety was INSISTING he wanted to buy a second seat to ensure he was comfortable. The lady on the desk politely assured him it would not be necessary and that he would have plenty of space on the plane.

The passenger is adamant, and demands she sell him a second seat next to his current seat. She complies with his demand, selling him a second seat for something over $200.

As I get to the gate, I notice this gentleman is on our flight. We’re one of the last ones to at the gate, so no waiting around, we pass through straight on to the plane, and the gate is closed after 5 or so more passengers behind us.

Walking onto the plane, of the ~150 seats, there are AT MOST, 30–40 people on the plane! Every single person has a full set of three seats to themselves.

This man, who sat a few rows in front of me, is furious and begins kicking up a fuss with the flight attendant that he was unnecessarily sold a second seat, and demands a refund.

A flight attendant has heard what happened at the desk, reiterates that fact to him, and politely asks him to calm down before he is removed from the aircraft.

He then spent the entire flight composing an email with his wife to the airline’s head office.

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Preview photo credit Auroraah / Reddit, stockking/Freepik


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