10 Stories Proving You Don’t Need a Superhero When There’s Dad by Your Side

3 years ago

We all hear tons of sweet stories about moms, but what about our dads? Dads also deserve our attention! So in order to remind you how great it is to have a father, we've collected some touching and funny stories about the amazing men who wear this proud title. After reading them, you'll be reminded of how everybody needs their own father, even if they're all grown-up.

Bright Side gathered 10 stories about the best dads in the world shared by users of Pikabu and Palata no.6.

  • I am going to work after lunch. The weather is beautiful, the sun is shining, I am overwhelmed with positive emotions and start singing along with the song I am listening to. Suddenly I feel that somebody is lifting me up from the ground and shouting, "What the hell are you doing here?" I turn around and see the face of the man who is holding me as if I were a kitten. He stares at me in surprise and carefully puts me on the ground. The man starts mumbling apologies like, "Sorry, I'm so sorry, I thought you were my daughter, she must be taking her math test at school right now." - Dashenka, 29 years old.
  • People always tell about their moms, and I want to tell about my dad. My mom left us when I was five. I'm 24 now, and I was brought up by my father alone. He taught me how to fix faucets and outlets, how to bang in nails, how to drive a car, how to bake cakes, and so on. But my father is my mother too! He knows my clothing size and even my tights size. He knows what kind of cosmetics I like, and he can tell me whether to buy a dress or not. He can keep my secrets and answer any of my questions. He always helps me and understands me. I'm so proud of him. And I love him so much!
  • My dad is a real punk. He wears his leather jacket no matter what season it is, he does the mohawk hairstyle in different colors, his body is covered with tattoos, and his ears are pierced. Most people look at him with contempt and wonder how this scarecrow could bring up a child, i.e. me. But I can tell you that when I was a child, this "crazy punk" brought me to museums and theaters and he didn't care about other people's reaction to his appearance. He found private teachers for me and learned French from Edith Piaf's songs with me. He listened to my lame manner of playing when I was learning how to play the fiddle and he taught me how to play the guitar. He helped me choose my first high heels, he taught me basic self-defense techniques, and went to rock and classical music concerts with me. I'm pregnant now and my father is learning how to knit in order to make warm booties and scarfs for his granddaughter, and I'm absolutely sure that my daughter will have the best granddad in the world.
  • My 6-year-old daughter asks:
    — "Mom, what does 'mummy' mean?"
    I start explaining to her about Egypt, pharaohs and so on, but I see that she isn't understanding anything I'm saying.
    — "Well, go and ask your father," I say.
    — "Daddy, what does a 'mummy' mean?" she asks.
    — Dad replies, "A dried man!"
    — She says, "Aah, now I see."
  • When I was a child, I used to lie down on the icy road and let my father drag me by my leg. My dad used to laugh and say that he would take revenge on me later. I grew up. It was my mom's birthday and I met my dad outside to buy flowers for her. We bought them and were heading home when my dad suddenly laid down on the icy road, outstretched his leg towards me and said, "Drag me home, son, it's your turn now." So I dragged him all the way to the house with the flowers in one hand and his leg in the other. And my dad was so happy that he finaly managed to have his revenge on me at last!
  • I wanted to have my own unicorn - so much so that I would start crying when I wanted it and I didn't have it. My father was looking at me and thinking before he got up and went outside. He returned almost three hours later with a meter-high unicorn that was as white as snow with a pink mane and tail, and eyes that were the color of lavender. I was so touched that I started crying again. My dad stood nearby in confusion a little, then he patted me on my head and made me peppermint tea to recover my nerves. I can't even imagine how my father, a very strong and powerful colonel, was dragging this cute unicorn through the whole city just to make his pregnant daughter a bit happier while her husband was on a business trip. I realized that nobody would ever love me more than my father did. He doesn't know yet that we are going to name our son after him.
  • I was on the bus with my dad. He was sitting a few seats behind me. A guy walked towards me and asked, "Does your mother need a son-in-law?" I replied back, "I don't know about my mom, but I'll ask my dad." He barely managed to say a word as I shouted to my dad, "Hey, Daddy, do you need a son-in-law?" My dad said from his seat, "Hey, son-in-law, how many pull-ups can you do?" The guy said, "Well, six." "What about sit-ups," my dad asked. "About twenty," the guy replied. "What can you give me in exchange for my daughter?" The guy wasn't a coward and handed him a Snickers. Daddy opened the package, bit the candy bar and said slowly, "Accepted. My daughter is yours now. Of course, you're a gaunt, but I'll take care of you." My dad really did take care of him - they started every morning with a jog, then there were pull-ups, push-ups and so on. And half a year ago I married that skinny but handsome man with the perfectly shaped muscles. Thanks, Daddy!
  • We needed to go out. I was dressing our 6-month-old daughter in our room. My husband was waiting for us at the front door with wearing his coat and shoes. As he was waiting for me to finish, he got bored. He scrambled onto his hands and knees and crawled into our room in order not to take off his shoes. He started talking with our daughter, and she was staring at him with such loving eyes! I said to him, "Just look how much she loves you! But for what?" My husband crawled backwards and mumbled, "She knows who's the sanest person in our family..."
  • Our daughters attended ballet school and were doing quite well. But one day they started complaining and saying that they were bored with it, that it was too much for them, that didn't want to go there, and so on. I tried to talk to them, then my mom tried, then my husband's mom tried, but they stood their ground. So I decided to bring out the heavy artillery and asked my husband to talk to them. There was a half an hour of silence. Then an hour and a half passed. Only then I heard bursts of the girls' laughter and my husband's scared voice who repeated, "No way!" It turned out that our girls said that they would continue attending ballet classes only if their dad would do it with them. We were all trying to persuade him for a long time and eventually he gave in. So now we can observe the following scene three times a week: the girls come back after their training and go into the dancing room to exercise, my little hippo in a roll-neck and tight leggings runs right after them, panting. This almost a hundred kilo man carefully tries all the poses and pliés with the girls. That's love!
  • When I was 18 I learned that my dad was actually not my biological father. My biological father left my mom when she was pregnant. I was shocked. I was crying all night long and was thinking, "Why is this happening to me? We're not a real family!" But then I started remembering how my dad stayed with me late after midnight and helped me make my school projects when my mom worked. I remembered the moment when my dad was helping his friend at the garage and I suddenly ran inside and saw a red-hot steel thing moving towards me. My dad caught it with his bare hand. The burn looked awful, but I was safe. I remembered that he never missed my birthdays and gave me a bunch of flowers every single year. After that, I came to the kitchen in the morning when my dad was drinking coffee, looked at that burn scar, hugged him and said that I had never had another father and I wouldn't have it any other way. Yes, this news seriously affected me. It helped me understand how much I loved my parents and how much they loved me back.

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as somebody who had a veteran dad with ptsd, who was taken away from me and I might NEVER SEE HIM AGAIN,... this hits hard


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